A Hearing Aid Party?!?

Did you ever have a hearing aid party? My family and I recently did. My hearing aid had died so I had no hearing aid on the left side for two days. It was not fun for me or for my family. I suffered through dizziness, that lopsided feeling of only hearing on one side, and crazy ringing in the ear. My family helped out by speaking loudly (even more than they usually do!), rearranging the seating at the dinner table so my better ear was toward the conversation, and tolerating the TV at a higher than normal volume. I might have been acting a little bit grouchy too. Maybe. In short, it was hard on everybody.

Luckily, after two days, I had a new hearing aid in hand. The moment I put it in, I felt such relief. I could hear! And the incessant ringing in my ears was down to a manageable level. I must have looked so joyous because my children starting doing a happy dance and chanting, “Mommy can hear! Mommy can hear!” which made us all laugh. I guess we don’t take hearing for granted in this family!

It felt incredibly festive and we carried on to have a fun family dinner and evening together — it really felt like a party. We even cracked open a bottle of wine – on a Tuesday! The seating was back to normal and I think my family was as relieved as I was that they did not have to remember to speak even louder than usual. But the biggest change, so they tell me, was that the look of pain on my face was gone.

As anyone with tinnitus knows, the constant ringing in the ears can wear you down. I sometimes think it is worse than the hearing loss itself! When I don’t wear my hearing aids, I hear a loud ringing in my ears constantly. It is awful. Lucky for me, my hearing aids mask a large part of my tinnitus much of the time. That is one of the reasons I chose my Lyric hearing aids, because I can wear them 24/7, and even sleep in them. This keeps the ringing in my ears to a tolerable level most of the time.

I came away from this experience with a lot of gratitude for my hearing aids. While they do not help me hear perfectly (see more on this here) and I still struggle to hear in many situations when wearing them, life without them is much worse — for me, and also for my family. If you are considering giving hearing aids a try, take the plunge! You will not get perfection, but sometimes better can still be a big improvement.

Readers, do you ever celebrate your hearing aids?

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24 thoughts on “A Hearing Aid Party?!?

  1. We all take our hearing for granted so I’m glad you are writing about its importance through the lens of your life with hearing issues. I’m SO glad you got your new aid. It does make a difference. Without my glasses I can’t see faces, things – everything is one big blur. I guess together we’d make one pretty incredible person, eh? Party on!

  2. Celebrate my hearing aids? 🙂 Every morning when I put them in. When I wake up, the silence is absolute. Installing my hearing aids literally “turns on” the world for me. Being able to hear the coffee maker gurgling often makes me smile.

  3. That feeling when the hearing aid dies is pure panic. It has reduced me to tears. It has happened enough (although once is all it takes) that I now keep a BTE backup just for that reason. You might consider that…

  4. Hi Shari! I so agree that having your hearing aids work perfectly is a “party!” I’ve been wearing mine for nearly a year now (time to do another post about it!) and I am so very glad I took the step. I guess I am fortunate that I don’t have the tinnitus problem, just moderate loss in both ears, but I can now hear so much better! But overall, I think the best part is being able to sink them with the telephone. Not only can I easily talk to others with the voice being streamed directly to my ears, but last week I did a 45 radio interview on the phone and had such a great time. That would have been impossible over a year ago. Now I am never afraid to answer the phone and hear every word. It’s SOOOOO worth it. Thanks for the reminder. Let’s party any time we can! ~Kathy

  5. Hi Shari. It’s really interesting to hear about the benefits that the 24/7 Lyric can bring to your tinnitus. It’s an angle I hadn’t thought about, but obviously a really important one.

  6. Having a celebration when you can hear again is a wonderful idea, Shari! Putting
    on my aids boots up my brain, the computer that makes it possible for me to hear.
    We are lucky that, even with all the problems associated with hearing aids, the
    technology keeps improving. I’ve been wearing aids and using assistive devices
    for 45+ plus years. We’ve come a long way in that time.

  7. It’s so nice that you have a positive perspective on your hearing aids (even though it doesn’t restore your hearing to perfect). I feel like many of us need them, yet so many of my mom’s friends won’t get them—Ugh!! And really, your post is almost a reminder that maybe we should have a little “party” even on non holiday days!! Enjoy life! jodie

  8. my stepmom has had hearing loss since childhood and lost one of her hearing aids down a plumbing hole. we spent the evening trying to communicate AND trying to get the hearing aid. Funny but frustrating!!

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