What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Hear Your Children?

Advertisements My children are not allowed to listen to music on their iPods like all their friends. They can’t turn their backs to me when they talk. They must keep their mouths free and clear of debris and food or I won’t understand what they are saying. And they definitely can’t bellow “Mom!” from another Continue reading

Would You Go To A Hearing Loss Convention?

Advertisements Would you go to a hearing loss convention? For many years, my answer was “No.” I didn’t want to acknowledge my hearing loss, let alone proclaim it to the world by attending a meeting. But last year, I decided to go — it was my first HLAA Convention — and it was incredible. I learned so Continue reading

Happy Holidays From Living With Hearing Loss!

Advertisements Happy holidays to all my readers at Living With Hearing Loss!  My goal for the blog is to share my story in hopes of helping others live more comfortably with their own hearing loss. All of you have certainly helped me feel that way. Thank you! 2015 has been an exciting year for the blog! Continue reading

Why I Walk4Hearing

Advertisements My family and I will be participating in Walk4Hearing for the first time this year as part of the Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) Alliance team. The Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA) Walk4Hearing increases awareness about hearing loss, helps to eradicate the stigma associated with it and raises funds to provide information and support Continue reading