How To Enjoy A Concert Safely When You Have Hearing Loss

Hello. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to go to a concert? I have two extra tickets. To Adele. Do you and your daughter want to come?  [sing this to Adele’s “Hello”] I rarely go to concerts — I am afraid to damage my hearing any more than it already Continue reading

How I Learned To Accept Hearing Loss

I am proud to share my hearing loss story and tips on Mango Health.  Have you ever struggled to hear a conversation? Whether you were in a loud environment or speaking to someone soft spoken, you’ll know that being hard of hearing can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Hearing health advocate Shari Eberts shares how Continue reading

How To Make A Hearing Loss New Year’s Resolution

It’s the time of year for resolutions. I will be more patient. I will start a workout regimen. I will eat healthier food. You know the drill. Most of the time, the motivation for these changes lasts a few weeks and fizzles away. But this year, let’s try something different. Let’s make some hearing loss resolutions Continue reading

Season’s Greetings from Living With Hearing Loss!

Season’s greetings from Living With Hearing Loss! 2016 was an exciting year! Visits to the blog almost tripled while engagement through comments and likes more than doubled. Thank you to all my readers for making this an inviting and vibrant community for people with hearing loss! I am excited to see what 2017 will bring! Continue reading

Am I Speaking At The Right Volume?

Have you ever been in a coffee shop, where all of a sudden it seems to get quiet and everyone turns their heads to look in your direction? When this happens to me I always wonder if I am accidentally shouting. Conversely, once in a while someone will ask me to repeat myself several times. This Continue reading