I Am So Frustrated By My Hearing Loss I Could Just Scream!

Have you ever been so frustrated by your hearing loss that you could just scream? I sure have. This usually occurs when I am already tired and worn out from listening all day, but can just as easily happen early in the day if the mood hits me. I try to roll with the punches, Continue reading

A Road Map For Those New To Hearing Loss

Do you know someone who is new to hearing loss? Maybe they haven’t yet accepted that they have a hearing loss, or maybe they are just starting to acknowledge it, but don’t know what to do first, or second. I know some people like that, myself included, at one point. I wish someone had shared Continue reading

Cancel The Noise, Not The Flight

I love traveling, but recently it has been harder for me to ride comfortably on an airplane. It’s not the size of the seats or the lack of legroom, although both seem to get smaller every day, it is the noise. The constant hum of the engine seems to trigger my tinnitus, with the bouts Continue reading

HLAA Convention Recap: Feeling A Hearing Loss Connection

Have you ever been to a place where hearing loss was the norm rather than the exception? Where hearing aids and cochlear implants were on proud display as far as the eye could see? Where your hearing issues were a source of connection rather than division? I hadn’t, until I attended my first HLAA Convention Continue reading

Interesting Reads – The Way I Hear It by Gael Hannan

I love reading other hearing loss blogs. It helps me feel connected to the hearing loss community and to feel less alone with my own hearing loss. I hope reading my blog helps you feel that way. One of my favorite hearing loss blogs is The Better Hearing Consumer written by Gael Hannan. You can Continue reading