How to Handle the Holidays When You Have a Hearing Loss

Advertisements My post How to Tackle Thanksgiving Dinner When You Have a Hearing Loss received so many helpful tips in the comments, I decided to incorporate them into a new post that focuses on the holidays more generally. Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas! There were so many great ones.  I wish you all a Continue reading

I Can’t Hear in the Dark

Advertisements Can you hear in the dark?  I recently realized that I cannot.  It was sort of a strange realization, and a bit scary, in case there is an emergency at night.  Just one more thing to overcome with hearing loss, I guess.  Here is the story. We were having some lighting work done on Continue reading

What Is That Noise!?! – My Take on Living with Tinnitus

Advertisements Do you hear that? I often ask my family that question. Sometimes I can’t tell if the noise I am hearing is my tinnitus or if the sound is actually there. Usually, it is all in my head. Typically, I know this, to be honest, but I ask anyway, just in case. I have Continue reading

How to Tackle Thanksgiving Dinner When You Have Hearing Loss

Advertisements A few months ago, I started a blog Living With Hearing Loss, but It has been a while since my last post. I find it unsettling to talk about my hearing loss, maybe that is why. But as Thanksgiving approaches, I thought it was time to post again, as there might be others out there with Continue reading