Please Don’t Tell Me Never Mind

It happens sometimes. A friend or colleague is telling me a funny story or explaining an event that happened, and at some point I will ask “What did you say?” I got the beginning, but somewhere along the way I missed something and needed clarification of the last point. The speaker pauses, as if to think about Continue reading

What If You Could Construct Your Ideal Hearing Aid?

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a hearing aid company as part of a focus group on a new product. It was an interesting experience, and a hopeful one, since at least the company was asking some of the users of the product what they might like to see. Much of the questioning Continue reading

Is It OK to Pick Your Friends Based On The Sound Of Their Voice?

Is it ok to pick your friends based on how well you can hear them? I find myself doing that more and more, although I hate to admit it. The fact is, it is just more fun to be with someone who I can hear well. It is easier, and is probably more enjoyable for Continue reading

When Did Loud Become Equivalent To Fun?

Do you think the world is getting louder? I sure do. Movies, sporting events, restaurants, even walking down the street — all louder than it used to be. I guess I am getting older, so that could be part of it, but I also think that culturally, loud has become the norm. If things aren’t Continue reading