Do You Love Somebody With Hearing Loss?

Do you love somebody with hearing loss? With 50 million Americans suffering from hearing loss, I bet most people do. What can you do to show your affection for them this Valentine’s Day and every day in between. It starts with acceptance, support and understanding. But most importantly love. Hearing loss is just one part of Continue reading

How To Enjoy Parties When You Have Hearing Loss

I am proud to share my hearing loss story and tips on Mango Health.  Parties often mean loud music, background buzzing, and many people are speaking at once. When you have hearing loss, these distractions can get in the way of having fun. Advocate Shari Eberts shares her best advice on how to enjoy parties, Continue reading

Should You Be Worried About Your Children’s Hearing?

Can you hear your child’s music even though they are wearing headphones? Do they need to remove their earbuds to hear what you are saying to them? Are they listening to loud music for several hours a day? If one or more of these are true, your children could be damaging their hearing.

How To Talk To Your Grandchildren About Hearing Loss

You love your grandchildren — their smiles, the way they look like their parents did when they were young, and their exuberance — but sometimes, they are very hard to hear. Children have a way of swallowing their words, or slurring them together, and typically have softer and higher pitched voices. That is, when they Continue reading

When Your Hearing Aid Settings Are Just Wrong

This weekend my hearing aid settings were just wrong. I could hear every background noise, each buzz and beep, but not voices. At dinner, the silverware clinking on the plates blocked out the conversation. In the car, the sound of the wind overpowered the music. My children’s laughter in the back seat was excruciatingly loud, Continue reading