Is There Finally Proof That Wearing Hearing Devices Benefits Cognitive Function?

I am always interested in new research studies published in the hearing space and recently I came across an exciting one. I have written before about the increased risk of dementia associated with hearing loss (here and here) and linked to previous research studies that demonstrate this connection. But the question of whether utilizing hearing devices Continue reading

How My Hearing Loss Has Affected My Marriage

I am excited to have my hearing loss story featured on Woman’s Day online. Please click through to support media coverage of hearing loss issues.   When I got married, I didn’t realize that one day I would no longer be able to hear what my husband was saying—literally. If my hearing loss happened while we were dating, would we Continue reading

Hearing Loss Should Not Be Embarrassing, But Sometimes It Just Is

I have a hearing loss. No big deal, right? But sometimes it is. Why is hearing loss sometimes embarrassing in a way that other conditions like vision loss or mobility challenges are not? It really shouldn’t be. Hearing loss is quite common. More than 50 million Americans have hearing loss. This now includes one in Continue reading