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Is It OK to Pick Your Friends Based On The Sound Of Their Voice?

Is it ok to pick your friends based on how well you can hear them? I find myself doing that more and more, although I hate to admit it. The fact is, it is just more fun to be with someone who I can hear well. It is easier, and is probably more enjoyable for Continue reading

When Did Loud Become Equivalent To Fun?

Do you think the world is getting louder? I sure do. Movies, sporting events, restaurants, even walking down the street — all louder than it used to be. I guess I am getting older, so that could be part of it, but I also think that culturally, loud has become the norm. If things aren’t Continue reading

The Beautiful Sound of Silence

Sometimes silence doesn’t get its due, especially by people like me who are always struggling to better hear and make sense of the sounds around us. But I recently had an experience that made me appreciate silence; and crave it, and miss it when it was no longer there. Here is what happened. I was Continue reading

Do You Get Hearing Loss Exhaustion?

Do you get hearing loss exhaustion? I sometimes do. Particularly on days where there is more listening than normal required — like at a conference or when there is a social gathering at the end of the day. Even family outings can be exhausting if everyone is talking at once and there is plenty of activity. Continue reading

Do Airplanes Trigger My Tinnitus?

I am lucky enough to have mostly mild tinnitus so far. You can read about that here. But sometimes, I have flare-ups, and lately I have been noticing an interesting pattern. I seem to have at least a day of tinnitus flare after any air travel. This is a problem for me since I LOVE Continue reading