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Five Ways To Make Holiday Parties More Hearing Loss Friendly

The holidays can be rough for people with hearing loss. Seeing friends and family is nice, but holiday gatherings tend to be larger and louder and often occur one after the other. It can be exhausting and overwhelming, and even depressing to watch others celebrate when you feel like you cannot participate in the way Continue reading

Shouldn’t There Be A Law Against Second-Hand Noise?

I love college sports! The games are exciting, the venues are typically beautiful, and the fans are rabid – especially the alumni! I don’t often get to the games in person, but recently I attended two. I enjoyed them both, but my goodness – the noise level! Thinking of all those young people in the Continue reading

Breaking the Stigma of Hearing Loss – The Who, What, Why and How

We must break the stigma that surrounds hearing loss. It is a matter of life and mind — your mind. Research shows that people with a mild hearing loss are twice as likely to develop dementia as those with normal hearing, and this risk increases with the severity of the hearing loss. Over a six-year Continue reading

Ten Tips For Tackling Thanksgiving Dinner With A Hearing Loss

Are you worried about Thanksgiving dinner because of your hearing loss? Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays — you get to eat, you get to spend time with family, and the leftovers are always a treat. But as my hearing loss has worsened over the years, I sometimes worry how it will Continue reading