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Shouldn’t There Be A Law Against Second-Hand Noise?

I love college sports! The games are exciting, the venues are typically beautiful, and the fans are rabid – especially the alumni! I don’t often get to the games in person, but recently I attended two. I enjoyed them both, but my goodness – the noise level! Thinking of all those young people in the Continue reading

Breaking the Stigma of Hearing Loss – The Who, What, Why and How

We must break the stigma that surrounds hearing loss. It is a matter of life and mind — your mind. Research shows that people with a mild hearing loss are twice as likely to develop dementia as those with normal hearing, and this risk increases with the severity of the hearing loss. Over a six-year Continue reading

Ten Tips For Tackling Thanksgiving Dinner With A Hearing Loss

Are you worried about Thanksgiving dinner because of your hearing loss? Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays — you get to eat, you get to spend time with family, and the leftovers are always a treat. But as my hearing loss has worsened over the years, I sometimes worry how it will Continue reading

Do You Dread Getting Your Hearing Tested?

I dread getting my hearing tested. First of all, it is never fun to be shut in a quiet room knowing you are about to fail a test. And it’s not because I didn’t study hard enough! It can also be frightening to see if my hearing loss has progressed since the last test. Knowing Continue reading

Hearing Loss – Know The Facts

Hearing loss affects nearly 50 million Americans. This includes 1 in 5 teenagers and 60% of returning veterans from foreign wars. It is a pervasive problem, but one that is not always taken very seriously. Hearing loss is often viewed as a normal part of aging, or someone else’s problem — this person mumbles or Continue reading