NPR Highlights Need for Captions on Zoom for People with Hearing Loss

Advertisements I am proud to take my advocacy for free ASR captions for people with hearing loss on Zoom to the airwaves — and just in time for virtual holiday dinners. On November 23, 2020, I was interviewed on Here & Now, National Public Radio (NPR)’s midday news program with Peter O’Dowd. NPR distributes Here Continue reading

Having a Happy Virtual Holiday Season — Hearing Loss Style

Advertisements Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays — yummy food and the warmth of family coming together — but it can also be a challenging one for people with hearing loss. We worry if we will we be able to participate in the overlapping conversations. Or if people will speak with their mouths full Continue reading

With Hearing Loss, We Must Remember to “Use Our Words”

Advertisements My family and I have done a lot of hiking during the pandemic. Hiking is a wonderful family activity with many health benefits, but it can sometimes be frustrating for people with hearing loss — especially if we want to walk and chat at the same time. My family usually lines up tallest to Continue reading

Is Your Audiologist Including YOU in Your Care?

Advertisements My first task as Editor of FindHearing on HHTM is a series of posts describing why people with hearing loss should care about person-centered care and what they should look for when seeking an audiologist who practices this form of high-quality care. Today’s post asks: Is Your Audiologist Including YOU in Your Care? The Continue reading

What if You Could Lease Your Hearing Aids Instead?

Advertisements What would it be like to lease hearing aids, instead of buying them? Topping up at $6000 a pair, hearing aids are often the third largest purchase a person with hearing loss makes in their lifetime, after only a house and a car. In the case of a car or a house, rental options Continue reading