Hamilton Shows Why Captions Enhance Viewing Pleasure for All

One of the many things I have missed during the quarantine is live theater — the heady feeling of anticipation as the audience falls silent and the show begins, the complex sets that bring a new world to life, and the actors who can make us feel something special night after night. I love the Continue reading

Will Covid-19 Inspire Positive Change for People With Hearing Loss?

Winston Churchill said, “Never waste a good crisis,” and people with hearing loss have taken his advice with Covid-19. Times have been very hard for many of us with hearing loss during the pandemic — increased levels of isolation, difficulties communicating because of masks and the lack of captioning on many video conferencing platforms — Continue reading

Are Hearing Loss & Deafness Sometimes Like Apples & Oranges?

Providing accessibility accommodations that work for both the Deaf and Hearing Loss communities can be a challenge. This is clear to anyone with a hearing loss who requested captioning but was provided with a sign language interpreter instead. For most people with hearing difficulties, including me, a sign language interpreter provides no assistance. But as Continue reading

Hearing Loss & Masks Are a Tough Combination

When you have hearing loss, understanding speech does not come naturally. It takes effort. The clues we get from lip movements and facial expressions are almost as important as the sounds that are amplified by our hearing devices. We must look as well as listen in order to hear. Masks, while necessary and important for Continue reading

Hearing Access: Zoom is Beta Testing Integrated Auto Captions

Another day, another Zoom meeting. Or make that two or three Zoom meetings. Much of the world continues to operate remotely, meaning virtual communication remains critical — and without captions, these events are very challenging for people with hearing loss. Several options now exist for free auto-captioned remote conversation including Google Meet and Skype, but Continue reading