With Hearing Loss, We Must Remember to “Use Our Words”

Advertisements My family and I have done a lot of hiking during the pandemic. Hiking is a wonderful family activity with many health benefits, but it can sometimes be frustrating for people with hearing loss — especially if we want to walk and chat at the same time. My family usually lines up tallest to Continue reading

Is the Pandemic Hurting My Child’s Hearing?

Advertisements Parenting with hearing loss is not easy. Every time I walk into my children’s rooms these days, they have earbuds in their ears. This may be typical for many teenagers, but not for mine. Pre-pandemic, I never let them use earbuds because of my genetic hearing loss. It started in my mid-20s and I Continue reading

How To Talk To Family About Your Hearing Loss

Advertisements When someone in the family has hearing loss, the whole family is impacted. Getting everyone on the same page can help enhance communication and make hearing loss much less frustrating and difficult for all. As the person with hearing loss, it is your responsibility to allow your family to share your unique journey. Here Continue reading

Being A Mother With Hearing Loss Has Its Challenges

Advertisements I enjoy sharing my hearing loss adventures in mainstream media publications. Not only does it helps raise awareness about hearing loss to a broader audience, it chips away at the stigma surrounding hearing loss. In each piece, I aim to share valuable communication tips or other helpful hints to educate the public about ways Continue reading