Investors Are Getting Interested in OTC Hearing Aids

I was contacted recently by an investor at a prominent financial firm in NYC looking for my perspective on the new OTC hearing aid bill. His firm was trying to understand the impact of the bill on the various industry players and which companies might be the winners and losers from any disruption in the Continue reading

Talking Hearing Loss With Front House Staff at Lincoln Center

I recently had the opportunity to speak as part of a training module on accessibility to the front of house staff at Lincoln Center’s David Geffen Hall and Alice Tully Hall. It is wonderful when influential cultural institutions take a leadership role in promoting the importance of accessibility to their employees. I was pleased to be Continue reading

How Can I Keep My Family Safe When I Cannot Hear The Danger?

What is that noise?” my son asked me one lazy afternoon this summer. “I don’t hear anything,” I replied. “It sounds like someone is coming up our driveway. The motor is revving. Can’t you hear it?” he practically shouts in an increasingly worried voice. He was nervous that danger was approaching. I didn’t hear a Continue reading

Suddenly, I Was The Deafest I Had Ever Been

When my two hearing aids died on a recent trip overseas, I was plunged into silence. For several years, I have worn hearing aids 24/7 so I was not prepared for the sudden absence of external sound or for the ringing from inside my head that overtook the quiet, a cacophony of unwanted noise and Continue reading