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About Hear & Beyond

The hearing loss journey doesn’t come with an operating manual—until now.

If you have hearing loss, you already know that the conventional approach to treatment is focused on hearing-aid technology. What’s missing from this hearing care model is the big picture—a real-life illustration of how hearing loss, its emotions, and its barriers affect every corner of your life.

Now, hearing-health advocates Shari Eberts and Gael Hannan offer a new skills-based approach to hearing loss that is centered not on hearing better, but on communicating better.

With honesty and humor, they share their own hearing loss journeys, and outline invaluable insights, strategies, and workarounds to help you engage with the world and be heard.

Hear & Beyond is the how-to guide they wish they’d had at the start of their hearing loss journeys.

About the Authors

Shari Eberts

Shari Eberts is a passionate hearing health advocate and internationally recognized author and speaker on hearing loss issues. She is the founder of Living with Hearing Loss, a popular blog and online community for people living with hearing loss and tinnitus, and an executive producer of We Hear You, an award-winning documentary about the hearing loss experience. Shari also serves on the board of directors of Hearing Loss Association of America. Shari has an adult-onset genetic hearing loss and hopes that by sharing her story she will help others to live more peacefully with their own hearing issues. Connect with Shari: Blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Gael Hannan

Gael Hannan is a renowned humorist, writer, and speaker on hearing loss issues. She is a leading international hearing health advocate, who creates awareness campaigns, school programs, and award-winning presentations to help people better understand the life with hearing loss, including her ground-breaking one-woman show Unheard Voices. Gael’s critically-acclaimed book The Way I Hear It: A Life with Hearing Loss, written as part memoir and part survival guide, has helped readers around the world to embrace their own hearing challenges. Gael has profound hearing loss and is bimodal, using both a hearing aid and a cochlear implant. Connect with Gael: Blog, LinkedIn and Twitter

Go Further with Hear & Beyond?

Living skillfully with hearing loss is not easy, but it is possible. Shari and Gael are available for lectures, interactive workshops, and remote sessions to help you and your group better understand the strategies discussed in Hear & Beyond.

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