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5 thoughts on “My Other Writing

  1. What about teachers in main stream school loosing their hearing? How to cope? When to know it’s effecting your work and having an effect on observations from Senior Leaders misreading what is happening. Employers and hearing loss in schools. What can teachers do if they want yo carry on even though they can’t hear their students properly? I know there is a lot of Union stuff but might be interesting to add it to this blog.

  2. Hi Shari!
    Thank you for the work you do and the great tips you share! I have found a lot of help with bearing my father’s hear loss. My father has hard time hearing my children, his grandchildren. This is why the article you wrote about how to talk your grandchildren about hearing loss was amazing! We managed to explain the kids the situation, that grandpa doesn’t hear so well., how to teach the kids to speak in a way my father can hear them better. They understood to get grandpa’s attention before talking to him, and now their communication works great!
    Thank you so much again!

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