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Please enjoy my additional writing on hearing loss, tinnitus, and related topics by clicking below.


Tips and Musings on Living With Hearing Loss

Assorted Posts – Huffington Post

Assorted Posts – Psychology Today

Assorted Posts – Huffington Post UK

I No Longer Feel Shame About My Hearing Loss – Good Housekeeping

When I Lost My Hearing, We Had to Learn to Communicate Better – Good Housekeeping

I Was Ashamed Of My Hearing Aids – Until I Had Kids – Woman’s Day

How My Hearing Loss Has Affected My Marriage – Woman’s Day

Why I Stopped Being Secretive About My Hearing Loss – Next Avenue

Could Hearing Loss Be The Culprit? – ElderSense

Why Is Hearing Loss Harder For Men? – The Good Men Project

I Don’t Want My Kids To Make The Same Mistakes I Did – The Good Men Project

5 Signs You Might Have A Hearing Loss – Healthy Living Magazine

Sorry, But People with Hearing Loss Don’t “Look” Deaf – SheKnows

For The Sake Of My Family, I’m Not Ignoring My Hearing Loss – SheKnows

Assorted Posts – Hearing Tracker

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How To Talk To Your Grandchildren About Hearing Loss – thirdAge

Let The New Year Inspire A New Start With Your Hearing Loss – Healthy Hearing

5 Tips For Dining Out With Hearing Loss – Making Midlife Matter

Dear Daughter: A Hearing Loss Poem – The Good Mother Project

Why I Stopped A Cycle of Family Shame About Hearing Loss –

A Story of Hearing Loss – The Better Hearing Consumer, Gael Hannan, Editor

Are You Hiding Your Hearing Loss? – Better After 50

How To Pick A Restaurant Where You Can Actually Hear Your Friend – Senior Planet

The Joys Of A Live Performance You Can Actually Hear – Senior Planet

Preventing Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Should You Be Worried About Your Children’s Hearing? – Healthy Hearing

A Silent Epidemic. Teen and Young Adult Hearing Loss –

3 Steps To Prevent Noise-Induced Hearing Loss – Kids Safety Network

Hearing Loss: The Risk To Teens Is Real and Irreversible – Grown & Flown

5 Places You Frequent That Could Be Damaging Your Hearing – thirdAGE

Let’s Add Earplugs To The List – Just Be Parenting

The Teen Hearing Loss Epidemic – Dandelion Moms

Why We Should Teach Hearing Health in Elementary Schools – Mamapedia

Are Earplugs This Generation’s Bike Helmet? – Scary Mommy / Club Mid


Tips for Traveling With Hearing Loss – The Hearing Journal

Emergency Preparation For People With Hearing Loss – The Hearing Journal

You Can Go To The Movies When You Have Hearing Loss – Hearing Health Magazine

Enjoy A Concert Safely When You Have Hearing Loss – The Hearing Journal

Are Audiologists From Mars? – Audiology Practices

Protecting Children’s Hearing: Listen to A Mother – The Hearing Journal

A Patient-Centred Approach From The Patient’s Point Of View – ENT & Audiology News

5 Things A Hearing Loss Patient Wants From An Audiologist – The ASHA Leader

How To Inspire Your Patients To Hear Their Best – The Hearing Review

Breaking The Stigma of Hearing Loss – Hearing Loss Magazine

How To Find Hearing Loss Friendly Service Providers – Hearing Loss Magazine

Let’s Make Earplugs This Generation’s Bike Helmet – Hearing Health Magazine

8 Tips For a Better Conversation With Someone With a Hearing Loss – Hearing Health Magazine

An Evolving Plan – Hearing Health Magazine

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