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Person-centered care is a critical part of any successful audiology practice. Are you interested in learning more about person-centered care from the patient’s perspective? Shari Eberts is available for writing and speaking engagements on this subject. Send inquiries to

Please see below for my latest writings and speaking engagements on this topic.

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5-Part Blog Series for Ida Institute

What is Person-Centered Care From the Patient’s Perspective?

Why You Should Partner With Your Patients

Make Your Audiologist Office Hearing Loss Friendly

Embrace Creativity as Part of Person-Centered Care

Person-Centered Care Requires Thinking Beyond The Technology


Videos and Podcasts

Person-centered care from the patient’s perspective — Captioned video on person-centered care for Ida Institute. Watch here.

Hearing loss advocacy – what you can do. — Podcast in honor of Better Hearing & Speech Month for The Hearing Journal. Listen here.


Speaking Engagements

Person-Centered Care from the Patient Perspective — Invited speaker at the 2022 ASHA Convention.

What You Need to Know about Person-Centered Care — International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH) 2022 World Congress.

Counseling and Communication: The Patient Perspective — Seminar class for audiology doctoral students at San Diego State University.

Managing Patient Anxiety, Ambivalence and Lack of Awareness of Hearing Loss: An Audiology/Psychology/Patient Collaboration — Tier 1 session discussing person-centered care from the patient perspective at AuDacity 2019. Co-presenters included an audiologist and a psychologist.

The patient’s perspective — Lecture to audiology doctoral students sponsored by LI AuD Consortium Student Academy of Audiology at St. John University.

Person-centered care from the patient’s perspective — Ninety minute interactive workshop at NYS SHLA’s 2019 Convention.

How can you help your patients hear their best? — Mini module at American Academy of Audiology 2018 Conference.

What do patients want from their audiologist? — Beyond Hearing Aids, a symposium sponsored by HLAA-NYC and NYU/Wagner.

The patient’s perspective. — Seminar class for audiology doctoral students at The Graduate Center, CUNY.

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