Living With Hearing Loss is Presenting At AAA 2018

I am excited to be presenting at the American Academy of Audiology’s annual convention in Nashville being held April 18-21, 2018. Formerly know as Audiology Now, the conference was rebranded as AAA 2018 this year, the Academy’s 30th anniversary.

AAA 2018 is slated to be the world’s largest gathering of audiologists. Here they attend educational sessions to keep their practices current, explore the latest in new hearing technology at the exhibit hall and visit with colleagues from around the world. I am thrilled to be representing the patient’s perspective to this auspicious group.


My talk is entitled “How Can You Help Your Patients Hear Their Best?” In it, I will share my hearing loss story and offer advice for how audiologists can best interact with us, their patients with hearing loss. Here is the blurb from the conference brochure.

MM303 – How Can You Help Your Patients Hear Their Best?

Friday, April 20
10:21 AM – 10:27 AM
Location: 201AB

Shari Eberts, MBA: Founder,

People with hearing loss never forget their first visit to an audiologist’s office. They experience high hopes alongside great worry. That first visit is instrumental in how they will view and treat their hearing loss for many years to come. In this session, you will learn the things patients want from audiologists during that first visit and throughout their care. Your attitude and actions are instrumental in helping your patients hear their best.

Learning Objective: Describe tangible ways to enhance your relationships with your patients to improve hearing outcomes.

Will you be at AAA 2018? If so, stop by my session: MM303 How Can You Help Your Patients Hear Their Best? I would love to meet you!

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10 thoughts on “Living With Hearing Loss is Presenting At AAA 2018

  1. If I had more time for travel, I would possibly come to this event! Thank you for presenting. I know the participants will benefit greatly from what you have to say. I can’t wait to hear about your presentation and the feedback you get. I’m also excited to hear what new technology is in the works.


  2. Shari, your convention topic is great! I have been going to the same audiologist for about 20 years now. He’s the most enthusiastic audiologist I have ever gone to and he really takes the time to spend with you and listen to your hearing issues. Anything from poor fitting molds, to tinnitus, to everyday struggles with hearing loss. Would love to hear more about the convention and hope to attend a hearing related convention in my future travels. I’ve been to Nashville and found it to be a great place! Hope you have some time to explore the local area. The Country Music Hall of Fame there is fantastic even if you can’t hear music!


  3. congrats, Shari!
    You are JUST the person who ought to present on such a topic, at an Audiology convention.
    These professionals probably gleaned so much from your talk. Too bad that it was only for a few minutes (according to the info that you sent out on your blog).
    There are some wonderful audiologists, who are compassionate and empathetic.
    Then, there are those who are just all business.
    In any event, they need to listen to the needs of their patients. After all, isn’t what their profession is all about?
    Please let us know how it went.
    I’m really excited to hear…or see…did anyone video record your presentation?


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