Would You Like a Side of Braille with Your Hearing Loss?

I’d heard the stories, but on my most recent cross-country flight, it happened to me. A flight attendant offered me braille to help with my hearing loss! I almost couldn’t believe it. In this post-pandemic world with frequent news stories explaining the challenges of masked communication for people with hearing loss, was the airline’s training Continue reading

Empathy Is the Secret Ingredient in Person-Centered Care

“What is the one thing you want my students to take away from this presentation?” the teacher asked the panel over Zoom. The three of us, all people with hearing loss, were addressing a graduate school class on aural rehabilitation. To me, the answer was clear: empathy. In this post for Ida Institute, I discuss what Continue reading

What if Your Child Has Hearing Loss?

I love meeting other hearing loss advocates! We can compare philosophies for living well with hearing loss and share tactics for garnering more focus on hearing loss issues from mainstream audiences. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Hu, the creator of MamaHuHears, a website dedicated to helping parents navigate the joys and challenges Continue reading

Hearing is a Critical Part of Healthy Aging

I love taking my healthy hearing message on the road. This time to a new venue: On Aging, an annual aging conference sponsored by the American Society on Aging. Joining me on this adventure was fellow hearing health advocate Holly Cohen. Our goal was to help educate the rapidly growing aging industry about the importance Continue reading