When You Find Captions At The Airport

Not only is Hawaii extraordinarily beautiful, it is also hearing loss friendly! Several months ago, my family and I were lucky enough to visit Hawaii. You can read about our luau adventure here.

It was a wonderful trip so it was with a heavy heart that we headed to the airport for our flight back home on Hawaiian Airlines. But while we waited for the flight, something amazing happened. Every time the desk agents played a pre-recorded announcement (like the ones that announce boarding procedures), the screen displaying the flight details transformed into an open captions screen! You can see it in the two photos below.

Now that is what I call a hearing loss friendly airport!

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Living With Hearing Loss: Top 10 Posts of 2017

Happy holidays from Living With Hearing Loss! Thank you to everyone for reading, commenting, and sharing. Your participation helps make this a vibrant community for all of us living with hearing loss and tinnitus. I appreciate all of your engagement.

Living With Hearing Loss | A Hearing Loss Blog

I am taking next week off, but will be back in January with more posts. In the meantime, please enjoy some of my most popular blogs of 2017. Which one is your favorite?

  1. Five Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Hearing Loss
  2. Then I Said, I’m A Little Bit Deaf
  3. A Head Cold + Hearing Loss = A Perfect Storm
  4. When Your Hearing Aid Settings Are Just Wrong
  5. Ten Reasons Hearing Aids are NOT Like Glasses
  6. What Are The Stages Of Hearing Loss?
  7. What If Hearing Aids Were Noise Canceling?
  8. Do Airplanes Trigger My Tinnitus? 
  9. You CAN Go To The Movies When You Have Hearing Loss
  10. Does Hearing Loss Cause Vertigo? 

Happy New Year!

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Hearing Loss: Where Are The Captions?

We walked into the large auditorium and took our seats — positioning ourselves so I would have a good view of the podium in case I needed to lip read the speaker. As the program began, my eyes instinctively looked around for the captions. But there weren’t any. There were four large screens, all projecting the speaker and later a video he was playing, but not one displayed captions. I was disappointed, especially since one of the main topics of the talk was the importance of diversity and inclusion. Maybe they needed to practice what they preached.

Living With Hearing Loss | A Hearing Loss Blog

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Beyond Hearing Aids: An Audiologist Wish List

I recently spoke at Beyond Hearing Aids, a symposium sponsored by HLAA-NYC, the NYC Walk4Hearing, and NYU/Wagner. In the audience were audiologist and speech language pathologist students from several local universities. It was a wonderful session full of informative talks on OTC devices, hearing loops, cochlear implants and advocacy. I was pleased to share the patient’s perspective.

I share an excerpt of my remarks below.

Living With Hearing Loss | A Hearing Loss Blog

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Can A Movie Help My Family Understand My Hearing Loss?

I struggle to fully explain my hearing loss to my family. How I hear some things, but miss others. Why I can understand them in certain environments, but not other places. How my hearing aids don’t work like glasses? Why I am exhausted at the end of the day from the extra concentration required of me each day simply to communicate. I have been searching for a way to illustrate my hearing loss to my family and friends for years. Perhaps Wonderstruck is it.

Living With Hearing Loss | A Hearing Loss Blog

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