My Hearing Aids Boost My Confidence

I am pleased to share my hearing loss story and tips on the newly launched site —  See an excerpt below.

My left ear has been acting up — increased pressure from seasonal allergies led to excess fluid, making my hearing aid unwearable for a few days until my ear dries out. It is a frustrating situation — I can’t hear on one side so I feel lopsided and out-of the-flow. It is hard to tell where sounds originate and the constant tinnitus in my hearing-aid-less-ear is a nuisance. Thank goodness this situation is only temporary.

Among the many challenges, the worst part is feeling less self-assured. At my yoga studio this morning, I briefly greeted my fellow students, but quickly retreated into a pre-class savasana to avoid conversation. I thought about cancelling lunch with a friend, but decided to fess up about being down one ear today instead. I feel low-energy, shy, and less poised. My self-confidence has taken a dip.

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This feeling brought me back to the days before I came out of my hearing loss closet, when I feared walking into an unknown situation, concerned that I might not be able to hear. These feelings of uncertainty still hit me every once in a while — particularly before what I know will be a difficult listening environment like a loud restaurant or a cocktail party — but since I began wearing my hearing aids regularly, I feel that way much less often. Most of the time, I feel confident and ready to take on whatever listening challenge comes my way through a combination of self-advocacy and technology.

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12 thoughts on “My Hearing Aids Boost My Confidence

  1. Hi Shari

    Sorry to hear about your problem with fluid.

    You are right though about the boost to confidence we get from hearing aids. Even though I have a severe loss my hearing aids make a huge difference to my ability to hear and understand in many more situations than I could if I didn’t wear them.


  2. Ever since my hearing loss worsened, 5 years ago, I’ve often felt like isolating.
    No matter how much I educate people about my communication needs and challenges (in noise), they just don’t seem to get it, because it’s not REAL for them.
    My hearing aids enable me to not feel so alone..but, as you noted, they are nOT perfect. They don’t give me “20/20” hearing..aint’ such a thing…it’s not like wearing eyeglasses.

    So, yes, without my hearing aids, I’d be lost in a sea of loneliness. But, I’ve come to accept my limitations and I am very kind to myself when I just need to escape the cacophony of room noise and cross talk.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your story sometimes it’s hard to put yourself in someone else’s shoes so you don’t know how to react, thank you for letting us borrow your shoes.

  4. if you cannot see you have a personal problem…….it a disadvantage to you and a inconvenience
    to some other people….you may be able to correct your vision with corrective lenses or surgery.
    if you are hearing impaired it is the problem of every person you try to communicate with. hearing
    aids help…….make life much better…..but they dam sure don’t fix hearing loss. this is just
    my opinion……been dealing with hearing loss since 1967

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