Enjoying a Sound Bath with Hearing Loss

For my birthday my family gifted me an introductory two weeks at a local wellness center. Unlimited classes were included so I made the rounds: guided meditation, sound baths, guided breathing, even an astrology class! You name it, I tried it! And it was terrific. Before each class I let the teachers know about my Continue reading

Have You Tried Apple’s Live Captions?

For years I carried a spare Android phone in my purse so I could access its excellent auto-caption capability—at first via an app called Live Transcribe but later it was incorporated into the operating system. I always wondered when Apple would catch up, and it finally has, recently launching Live Captions (Beta) in iOS 16. Continue reading

Can Meditation Help With Tinnitus?

In honor of Tinnitus Week, I have reworked an old post describing how I first discovered meditation and its healing properties for my tinnitus. Many years later, I still find meditation an incredibly useful tool for managing not only tinnitus, but also the frustration of hearing loss. I hope you enjoy the post and that Continue reading

Setting Your Annual Hearing Loss Goals

The start of the year is a good time to take stock and set goals for the next 12 months. This can apply to any aspect of your life—and of course to your hearing loss. It’s time to set your hearing loss goals for the year. Maybe you have been ignoring your hearing loss, preferring Continue reading