What if Your Child Has Hearing Loss?

I love meeting other hearing loss advocates! We can compare philosophies for living well with hearing loss and share tactics for garnering more focus on hearing loss issues from mainstream audiences. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle Hu, the creator of MamaHuHears, a website dedicated to helping parents navigate the joys and challenges Continue reading

Hearing is a Critical Part of Healthy Aging

I love taking my healthy hearing message on the road. This time to a new venue: On Aging, an annual aging conference sponsored by the American Society on Aging. Joining me on this adventure was fellow hearing health advocate Holly Cohen. Our goal was to help educate the rapidly growing aging industry about the importance Continue reading

Hearing Loss in the Hospital is Hell

“My son is not reacting well to the pain medication. What are some other options?” I asked the pain team doctors on their daily visit to my son’s hospital room during his recent stay. “Mumble, mumble, switch to mumble mumble.” “Can you please speak louder and slower? Remember, it is hard for me to hear Continue reading

My Relationship with Sound? It’s Complicated

For people with hearing loss, sound can be a mixed bag. Sometimes things are too quiet—a whisper in our less than stellar ear or a mumbling presenter who refuses to use the microphone. And sometimes they are too loud, like the clacking of cutlery in a crowded restaurant that blocks out your companion’s voice. Other Continue reading

Interesting Reads: Papa, Can You Hear Me Now? by Amit Gosalia

If you are looking for a way to talk to your young children or grandchildren about your hearing loss, Papa, Can You Hear Me Now?, a new children’s book by audiologist Dr. Amit Gosalia, may be the answer. With colorful illustrations and simple to understand language, the book tells a positive story about the ways Continue reading