Announcing My Hearing Loss Helps Me Communicate Better

It takes effort to let people know about our hearing loss and educate them (perhaps for the umpteenth time) about what assistance we need from them to ease conversation. But what choice do we have? Good communication is a two-way street and without the critical step of self-identifying, difficult listening situations cannot be remedied. My Continue reading

Living with Hearing Loss Year in Review

No matter the challenges we face, time marches on. It seemed like 2020 would never end, but now another year has already come and almost gone. Thank you to all my readers for their support, engagement, comments and tips this year. The more we share with one another, the more successfully each of us can Continue reading

Sometimes I Forget How Hard It Is for Me to Hear

Thanksgiving was the first time our extended family had come together in two years. All eight of us were hyped up, excitedly talking at once in our attempts to say everything we had missed sharing during the pandemic. Cross-talk abounded. Our voices reverberated and bounced around the high ceilings and hard surfaces of my in-laws Continue reading

Most Restaurants Are Too Loud for Conversation

Living with Hearing Loss was proud to partner with SoundPrint in its first annual Find Your Quiet Place Challenge. The campaign inspired participants globally to measure and submit sound level data in their local communities to raise awareness about hearing health and help make the world a quieter place.  The results of the challenge are Continue reading

Do You Get the Seasonal Spins (Vertigo)?

Rising out of my backbend in yoga class, the world shifted, leaving my mind and body reeling from the dizziness. Luckily my knees were planted firmly on the ground so I did not topple over, but it was disorienting and very unpleasant. As I turned around to lie down in shavasana, I knew it was Continue reading