My Least Favorite Things about Living with Hearing Loss

There are positives and negatives to almost anything—including hearing loss. Today’s post highlights the downsides, but don’t worry, next time we will highlight the silver linings. The Downsides of Hearing Loss Please add your pluses and minuses in the comments. Listening fatigue With hearing loss, communication takes work! It’s like playing a game of Wheel Continue reading

Greater Awareness Creates Better Access

My yoga practice often translates directly to my life with hearing loss—especially when it is challenging. In a recent yoga class, as the teacher provided different modification options for a difficult pose she said, “When you have greater awareness, you have more options.” And something clicked. Whether it is yoga or hearing loss (or anything Continue reading

New Prime Video Tool for Hard-to-Hear Movie Dialogue

Do you love action movies but find it hard to follow the dialogue because of all the background noise? My solution is usually a combination of captions and noise-cancelling headphones. The noise-cancelling headphones block the gunfire and car chases while the captions provide the dialogue. I even do this at at movie theaters, despite the Continue reading

When Hearing Accessibility Fails

“Let me see your ticket,” the usher demanded at a popular Broadway theater. We (my husband and I and our two friends) were waiting in line so I could pick up an assistive listening device for the show. “This device won’t work at your seat. You’d be better off using your hearing aids” the cranky Continue reading

Do You Avoid Talking about Your Hearing Loss?

Do you avoid talking about your hearing loss? Maybe you are afraid others will treat you differently or look down on you. Or maybe you think less of yourself, beaten down by societal stigma that still links hearing loss with being old or out of touch. Or maybe you assume no one will understand what Continue reading