How To Exercise Virtually with Hearing Loss

Yoga and exercise are critical parts of my daily life. They allow me stay fit and healthy and set me up to better manage the frustrations of living with hearing loss. When the pandemic moved many fitness classes online, I needed to adapt my routine. My recent post for HHTM shares my tips for exercising virtually with hearing loss. 

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Exercising Virtually with Hearing Loss

The greater availability of classes is good news for all fitness enthusiasts. But perhaps this is even better news for people with hearing loss who may be reluctant to try a group class for fear they won’t be able to follow along. Now that nobody is watching – there is no better time to start or enhance your fitness routine.

Online offerings are likely here to stay post-pandemic. They take two primary forms: live-streamed classes and on-demand videos.

Join a Live-Streamed Fitness Class

Live-streamed classes are held on Zoom in real time. An instructor leads the class and students take it from their homes. It’s like a typical Zoom meeting with each person in their own individual box. You can turn on your video so the teacher can see your efforts or keep it off for privacy. To get the most out of the class try the following tips:

1. Use speaker mode

To get a clear view of the teacher – they usually demonstrate as they teach – set your screen to speaker mode. This will enlarge the teacher’s video making it easier to see. You can pin the teacher’s window to keep it visible throughout the class.

2. Choose a class with little or no music.

Some in-person classes have a booming soundtrack, while others feature light musical accompaniment. Online, it will be easier to find a class with the right ratio of music to dialogue because everyone is struggling to hear the teacher’s instruction. For most online classes, the music is set to a reasonable level and the teachers wear microphones to aid with audio quality.

3. Stream the class directly to your devices

If you can stream movies from your computer, you can stream an exercise class too. Connect via Bluetooth and bring the teacher’s words directly into your devices. In my experience, Zoom classes are usually not captioned, but as Zoom continues to make its platform more accessible, this feature may be available soon.

Pre-Recorded Classes Have Many Benefits

Our tips for live-streamed classes apply to pre-recorded sessions as well. But pre-recorded classes offer a few additional benefits.

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