When Your Mother Has Hearing Loss

Your mother is always there for you. She loves you, before herself. She is your caregiver, confidant, and friend. She is always willing to lend an ear to your daily triumphs and concerns. But what if she can no longer hear you because of a hearing loss? How can you help her through this challenge so that you can both continue to enjoy your special relationship for many years to come? Here are my suggestions. Please share yours in the comments.

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Do You Love Somebody With Hearing Loss?

Do you love somebody with hearing loss? With 50 million Americans suffering from hearing loss, I bet most people do. What can you do to show your affection for them this Valentine’s Day and every day in between. It starts with acceptance, support and understanding. But most importantly love.

Hearing loss is just one part of somebody, not their entirety. Remember to keep the hearing loss in perspective, acknowledge and accommodate for it, but don’t let it be the center of attention. The person should be.

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What Are The Stages of Hearing Loss?

I have read about the five stages of grief — denial & isolation, anger, bargaining, depression and finally acceptance — and they remind me a lot of the stages of hearing loss. This makes sense, because for many, myself included, the loss of hearing is something to be mourned, to be missed, to be fought. We hide it, we hate it, we ignore it, we are sad about it, and eventually we accept it, or at least the lucky ones of us do. But for people with hearing loss, these are not the only steps.

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How To Enjoy A Concert Safely When You Have Hearing Loss

Hello. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to go to a concert? I have two extra tickets. To Adele. Do you and your daughter want to come?  [sing this to Adele’s “Hello”]

I rarely go to concerts — I am afraid to damage my hearing any more than it already is. But when my sister invited my daughter and me to the Adele concert in Madison Square Garden, the look on my daughter’s face said it all. We had to go. It was my job to make sure we could enjoy the concert safely.

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How I Learned To Accept Hearing Loss

I am proud to share my hearing loss story and tips on Mango Health

Have you ever struggled to hear a conversation? Whether you were in a loud environment or speaking to someone soft spoken, you’ll know that being hard of hearing can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing. Hearing health advocate Shari Eberts shares how she learned to accept the onset of hearing loss.

Living With Hearing Loss | A Hearing Loss Blog

I grew up the child of someone with hearing loss. My father wore hearing aids, but they were never seen — always hidden by sideburns grown long for that purpose. He never discussed his hearing loss and went out of his way to hide it. I remember social gatherings where he would disappear only to be found sitting at a table in the corner alone. I always wondered why, but now I know. He probably couldn’t hear and was embarrassed, or exhausted and just couldn’t bring himself to bother.

So when I first started having problems hearing in my mid-20s, I hid it, following his example. And when I got my first pair of hearing aids, I refused to wear them. I was embarrassed. I am not sure why. Was it a learned response from watching my father, or was it something larger — the stigma associated with hearing loss — that I wanted to avoid? In any event, my mother’s reaction was not encouraging. “Do you really need to wear them?” she asked me.

Eventually, the answer became yes, I really did need to wear them. But still, I avoided them as much as possible. I remember sneaking them in on the way to work, wearing them all day hidden behind my long hair and whipping them out as soon as the elevator door closed behind me on my way out of the office. I hated my hearing aids and only wore them when I absolutely needed to, and never socially or with my friends or family.

But then I had two children of my own, and this forced me to come to terms with my hearing loss. But how?

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