Enjoying a Sound Bath with Hearing Loss

For my birthday my family gifted me an introductory two weeks at a local wellness center. Unlimited classes were included so I made the rounds: guided meditation, sound baths, guided breathing, even an astrology class! You name it, I tried it! And it was terrific. Before each class I let the teachers know about my Continue reading

2022: Living With Hearing Loss Year in Review

And it’s a wrap on another year for Living With Hearing Loss. Thank you to all my readers for sharing your thoughts and questions and helping me build a welcoming and enriching community for all of us. It has a been a busy year of writing, speaking, “We Hear You” screenings, and of course the Continue reading

Give the Gift of Skillful Living with Hearing Loss

Are you searching for the perfect gift for the person in your life with hearing loss? Or maybe the perfect gift for yourself (self-care is always fun!). Consider the gift of skillful living with hearing loss. Hearing loss does not come with an operating manual so that is why fellow-advocate Gael Hannan and I wrote Continue reading

How to Make Your Holiday Dinner Hearing Loss Friendly

The holidays are a time to join with family and friends to express gratitude for the many joys in our lives. For people with hearing loss, it can also often be fraught with anxiety. Will we be able to follow the dinner conversation and partake in the merriment? How exhausted will we be from all Continue reading

The Yin and Yang of Hearing Loss

Most things in life have duality. Yin and yang in Chinese philosophy. Up and down. Love and hate. Back and forth. And of course, hearing loss. In this Halloween themed article for Hearing Tracker, I discuss the ways my hearing loss is both a trick and a treat. An excerpt from the article is below. To read Continue reading