Person-centered Care Requires a Link to the Hearing Loss Community

“Nothing about us without us,” is an important rallying cry in the disability community. It means that no policy, product or service should be developed without the full and direct participation of members of the group that will be impacted. My latest article for Ida Institute discusses why audiologists should become more involved in the Continue reading

Parenting a Child with Hearing Loss: An Advocacy Story

Sometimes a mother can be your biggest advocate. That is the case for Heather Thomson, who unexpectedly found herself as the mother of a young son with hearing loss. Heather Thomson wears many hats, mother of two, wife, inventor, designer, entrepreneur, podcaster, philanthropist, performer, speaker, athlete, licensed health and wellness coach. For many, she is Continue reading

It’s Launch Day for ‘Hear & Beyond’!

After two years of writing and designing and marketing, our book baby is born! Hear & Beyond: Live Skillfully with Hearing Loss launches today in book stores and online. A big thank you to everyone who supported us on this journey—especially those of you who pre-ordered the book. Join the Celebration We have a full Continue reading

My Kids Aren’t CODAs, They’re COHLAs

Until recently, most people probably thought a CODA was the concluding passage in a musical score. But since CODA‘s three wins at the Oscars, Child of Deaf Adult has become part of the mainstream lexicon—an exciting boost of awareness for the Deaf community. But when discussing the film with my children, they were confused. “We’re Continue reading