How to Make Your Holiday Dinner Hearing Loss Friendly

The holidays are a time to join with family and friends to express gratitude for the many joys in our lives. For people with hearing loss, it can also often be fraught with anxiety. Will we be able to follow the dinner conversation and partake in the merriment? How exhausted will we be from all Continue reading

The Yin and Yang of Hearing Loss

Most things in life have duality. Yin and yang in Chinese philosophy. Up and down. Love and hate. Back and forth. And of course, hearing loss. In this Halloween themed article for Hearing Tracker, I discuss the ways my hearing loss is both a trick and a treat. An excerpt from the article is below. To read Continue reading

Do You Laugh or Cry at Hearing Loss Hiccups?

Misunderstandings and communication boo boos are a normal part of the hearing loss life, but when they happen, do you laugh or do you cry? Sometimes it’s hard to decide in that exact moment.  If I am embarrassed or my confidence is shaken I may feel a bit teary, although I do my best to Continue reading

The Best and Worst Sounds of Summer

Aaahh! Those joyous days of summer. Kids are out of school. Work deadlines seem fewer and farther between. Vacations are longer. And the weather is warm. All things to savor as summer’s final days approach. As I write this from the screened-in-porch of my home in upstate New York, I grow wistful, remembering the many Continue reading