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My recent experiences with assistive technology at the movies and the theater have been disappointing. Unfortunately, I am not alone. Assistive technologies for people with hearing loss are often unavailable, and even when they are, many times they do not work as they should. Improvements are needed, but without data, venues are often resistant to Continue reading

Why is Hearing Loss Access so Hard?

Have you seen the Barbie movie yet? I went with some friends last week, and while we loved the movie, we missed a number of the jokes. Sadly, both of the theater’s closed captioning devices failed in the middle of the show. One of them died almost immediately so a friend who had already seen Continue reading

Each of Us with Hearing Loss is an Advocate

What an honor it was to receive the Ruth R. Green Advocacy Award from Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC) at their 2023 Annual Meeting. Ruth is an advocate who was ahead of her time. She focused on impact, and that is always my goal in all of my work. It is so meaningful to Continue reading

When Your Mother Has Hearing Loss

Your mother is always there for you. She loves you, before herself. She is your caregiver, confidant, and friend, always willing to lend an ear to your daily triumphs and concerns. But what if she can no longer hear you because of hearing loss? How can you help her through this challenge so that you can both continue Continue reading

Taking Hearing Loss Awareness on the Road

At their best, college campuses are a nexus of learning, challenge, and discussion. And a perfect place to share a hearing loss awareness and advocacy message! Thank you to Long Island AUD Consortium, Iona University, and Connecticut College for inviting us to share our hearing loss documentary We Hear You on campus to raise awareness Continue reading