Happy Holidays From Living With Hearing Loss!

Happy holidays to all my readers at Living With Hearing Loss!  My goal for the blog is to share my story in hopes of helping others live more comfortably with their own hearing loss. All of you have certainly helped me feel that way. Thank you!

2015 has been an exciting year for the blog! It was visited more than 30,000 times by people in almost 140 countries and received more than 550 comments and likes. Thank you for your engagement!

Please enjoy some of my most popular posts of 2015.

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  6. Dear Daughter – A Hearing Loss Poem
  7. Six Hearing Aids, Two Cochlear Implants and A Roger Pen Walk Into A Bar
  8. Ten Tips For Tackling Thanksgiving Dinner With a Hearing Loss
  9. I Have A (Hearing Loss) Announcement To Make
  10. Breaking The Stigma Of Hearing Loss – The Who, What, Why and How

Living With Hearing Loss is taking next week off, but will return in January with more posts!  I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “Happy Holidays From Living With Hearing Loss!

  1. Wesley Banks – Wesley Banks was born in 1983 and grew up on the west coast of Florida. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Civil Engineering.  After spending over 7 years building movable bridges from Florida to Washington he decided to focus on his true passion: writing. Wesley recently moved from Florida to Oregon to get back to the great outdoors that he’s love so much. He lives with his wife Lindsey, and his two dogs Linkin and Story. Most of his time these days is spent writing, with as much rock climbing, hiking, or skiing as they can fit in.
    Wesley @ Everyday Hearing says:

    Shari, just recently found your blog. Happy Holidays, and we’ll be one of your new followers in 2016!

    1. Shari Eberts – NYC – Shari Eberts is a passionate hearing health advocate and internationally recognized author and speaker on hearing loss issues. She is the founder of LivingWithHearingLoss.com, a popular blog and online community for people living with hearing loss and tinnitus, and an executive producer of We Hear You, an award-winning documentary about the hearing loss experience. Shari also serves on the board of directors of Hearing Loss Association of America. Shari has an adult-onset genetic hearing loss and hopes that by sharing her story she will help others to live more peacefully with their own hearing issues.
      Living With Hearing Loss says:

      Wonderful! Thanks for reading and Happy New Year!

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