How To Enjoy Thanksgiving When You Have Hearing Loss

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Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays — delicious food, good spirits and lively gatherings of family and friends. But with my hearing loss, I sometimes worry I will miss out on some of the fun. Large dining room tables make conversation tricky, especially, like in my family, if everyone is talking at once. Background chatter combined with noise from the football games on television add to the overall din, making it a tough listening situation. What is a person with hearing loss to do?

Follow these tips and have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

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1. Talk to your host in advance: Discuss your hearing issues with your host a week before Thanksgiving so she has time to accommodate your needs. Request to be seated in the middle of the table and with your back to a wall. The more specific you are, the better seat you will get. 

2. Limit background noise: When I host, background music is kept to a minimum. While your host may like to play music or keep the TV on for the game, perhaps you can ask him or her to reduce the volume during dinner. 

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6 thoughts on “How To Enjoy Thanksgiving When You Have Hearing Loss

  1. Hi Shari

    Although I live in the UK and we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, I do wish you and your family have a wonderful time.

    Happy thanksgiving to you all!



  2. While I do love the holidays with my very large extended family , Im usually mentally trying to keep up with all the conversations. And along with the high volume of everyone talking and kids running around and Christmas music or movies playing in the background , it’s usually a very long day . We usually do buffets , but that’s even worse because everyone stands around chatting with food in their mouths , ugh. Happy Thanksgiving to all (if you do celebrate)!


  3. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as well. I am fortunate that we host thanksgiving every year. We have about 15 people and I sit with in the middle of the table with my back to the wall. I remember last year; I thought how I good I was able to hear at thanksgiving dinner. I’m hoping for a repeat this year!


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