Is Your Audiologist Including YOU in Your Care?

My first task as Editor of FindHearing on HHTM is a series of posts describing why people with hearing loss should care about person-centered care and what they should look for when seeking an audiologist who practices this form of high-quality care. Today’s post asks: Is Your Audiologist Including YOU in Your Care? The answer Continue reading

Person-centered Care: What People with Hearing Loss Need to Know

The mission of is to inform, educate and empower consumers about the importance of hearing healthcare. In my new role as Editor of this section for Hearing Health Technology Matters (HHTM), I am excited to help create informative and useful content for hearing health professionals and the consumers they serve. I believe an educated Continue reading

Hearing Loss Advocacy — Audiologist Style

How can audiologists show the hearing loss community that they are more than just providers of hearing aids — that they are genuinely here to help? My latest article for Ida Institute discusses practical ways audiologists can demonstrate they are part of our hearing loss team. Suggestions include engaging with the hearing loss community outside Continue reading

Person-centered Care Critical During COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted hearing health care, potentially for the better. Both audiologists and patients have needed to adapt. In my latest article for Ida Institute, I provide my suggestions for how providers can best partner with their patients during this difficult time. Practicing person-centered care will not only help providers forge strong relationships with patients Continue reading

What Patients Want from Audiologists During COVID-19

COVID-19 has disrupted operations for both audiologists and people with hearing loss. Many clinics are closed, or open only for curbside service. But hearing health care doesn’t stop, even during a pandemic. In my latest article for Phonak Audiology Blog, I discuss what patients want from audiologists during COVID-19. An excerpt is below. To read the full Continue reading