Hearing Loss & Music: When My Brain Fills in the Blanks

“I love this song,” my son calls out from the ocean where he is swimming off the back of the boat. The boat’s speakers are weak, but strong enough for my family to enjoy the music in the background. They all break into their best rock star moves, bopping their heads to the music and Continue reading

Help SoundPrint Promote Safe Noise Levels

I didn’t remember things being this loud. During the pandemic, I spent most of my time outside of New York City in the glorious quiet of upstate New York. But as in-person school resumes for my son, we are spending more time in the city — and boy is it loud! The traffic. The construction. Continue reading

How to Rebuild Your Hearing Loss Party Skills

As the world emerges from its pandemic bubble, we must all learn to socialize again. For people with hearing loss, this means learning to ‘hear’ again in difficult listening situations like cocktail parts and other groups events. In this article for HHTM, I share my tips for rebuilding your hearing loss party skills post-pandemic. An excerpt Continue reading

CODA Movie Provides Interesting Take on the Deaf Experience

I find most movies about hearing loss and deafness disappointing—Sound of Metal is a perfect example—because they contain inaccuracies or they portray the Deaf experience as representative of all people with hearing loss. Our documentary We Hear You tries to offset this trend by focusing specifically on the hearing loss experience. But CODA, the new Continue reading

How to View Award-Winning Hearing Loss Documentary ‘We Hear You’

Why make a documentary about hearing loss? We Hear You’s journey began during the pandemic. People with hearing loss felt more isolated than ever. We struggled to communicate on video conference calls and with people behind masks. It sometimes felt hopeless—like we would remain set apart forever. Virtual Meetings helped ease some of the pain, Continue reading