Hearing Loss—Talk Siri to Me

Siri doesn’t always understand us. Hey Siri, what’s the latest weather forecast? I didn’t get that. So we repeat it. Hey Siri, what’s the latest weather forecast? But this time we face the phone, position our mouth close to the microphone and ask the question in a loud and clear voice, enunciating each syllable of Continue reading

Join SoundPrint’s Find Your Quiet Place Challenge

As the weather turns cold, restaurant dining moves inside. And noise levels rise. Heat lamps for outdoor dining became more common in the pandemic, but the spaces are still pretty enclosed. It’s like eating inside, only outside bundled up in your winter coat! No matter where you eat, noise levels are high with reverberant spaces, Continue reading

Do You Laugh or Cry at Hearing Loss Hiccups?

Misunderstandings and communication boo boos are a normal part of the hearing loss life, but when they happen, do you laugh or do you cry? Sometimes it’s hard to decide in that exact moment.  If I am embarrassed or my confidence is shaken I may feel a bit teary, although I do my best to Continue reading

Zoom Baby-Steps Toward Better Access for People with Hearing Loss

A few minutes had passed in a recent Zoom call with a hearing loss friend when I jumped. Do you need the captions? I’m sorry I forgot to put them on. No worries. I already turned them on myself. Well, this is new. Auto-Captions Can Be Self-Enabled in the Meeting… Until now, when someone in Continue reading

When Hearing Loss Hurts

“Does your hearing loss hurt?” a curious friend once asked. I loved this question, because it showed that she cared, but also because the answer is complicated. While I don’t usually feel physical pain from my hearing loss, there are many examples of psychological and emotional suffering. Sometimes this pain comes from external catalysts like Continue reading