Audiologists Can Inspire Self-Advocacy in Hearing Loss Patients

Hearing loss can be hard to accept at first, especially when it involves alerting others to your condition and advocating for your communication needs. You may not even know what assistance to request at first. Audiologists are critical partners in helping people with hearing loss develop the self-advocacy skills they need to make communication easier. Continue reading

What Is Your Role in Person-Centered Hearing Care?

I recently presented at the International Federation of Hard of Hearing People (IFHOH) 2022 World Congress in Budapest, Hungary. It was an incredible opportunity to meet outstanding advocates from around the world including Shelly Chadha, the technical lead for ear and hearing care at World Health Organization (WHO) and the driver of WHO’s World Report Continue reading

Empathy Is the Secret Ingredient in Person-Centered Care

“What is the one thing you want my students to take away from this presentation?” the teacher asked the panel over Zoom. The three of us, all people with hearing loss, were addressing a graduate school class on aural rehabilitation. To me, the answer was clear: empathy. In this post for Ida Institute, I discuss what Continue reading

Person-centered Care Requires a Link to the Hearing Loss Community

“Nothing about us without us,” is an important rallying cry in the disability community. It means that no policy, product or service should be developed without the full and direct participation of members of the group that will be impacted. My latest article for Ida Institute discusses why audiologists should become more involved in the Continue reading

It’s Time to Join the Hearing Loss Community

At the start of my hearing loss journey, I didn’t know anyone that could show me the ropes. When I struggled to hear in a loud restaurant or was tired after a long day of speechreading, I was discouraged. I hadn’t realized that this was normal…typical…to be expected. All in a day’s work for people Continue reading