How A Gratitude Journal Helps Me Manage My Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be frustrating and annoying, but what if expressing gratitude for the positive aspects of life could help offset some of those negative feelings? In my latest post for Hearing Tracker, I share my experiences using a gratitude journal to help manage my hearing loss. See an excerpt from the piece below. To read the full article click here

Living with hearing loss can be incredibly frustrating. You might miss the joke at a social gathering and stand staring while everyone else laughs or you may try to enjoy a dinner out at a restaurant, but the background noise blocks out the voices you want to hear. Sometimes your friends and family are supportive, but other times they wave off your requests for a repeat with the dreaded “never mind.” Your hearing aids are wonderful in certain situations, but not in all. There can be a lot to complain about.

But what if expressing gratitude for the positive aspects of our life could help deflect some of the frustrations we live with every day because of our hearing issues? Many research studies suggest that gratitude can help enrich your life through increased patience, better sleep, improved health, higher self-esteem and more resilience. And the benefits are long-lasting. It seemed worth a try.

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Experts recommend a variety of options for expressing gratitude including writing “thank you” letters to important people in your life or sending daily emails to friends to thank them for something they have done to help you. For simplicity, I decided to keep a daily gratitude journal where each night before bed I would list three things that I was grateful for that day. I promised myself that each entry would include three original items — repeating was cheating.

I downloaded an app and got started. At first it felt awkward. I stared blankly at the blinking cursor hovering under the prompt “I am grateful for…,” wondering why I could not think of one thing to write. But soon it became fun. When something good happened during the day — even a small moment like catching a cute baby’s eye in the elevator and sharing a smile — I locked it in my memory so I could list it later.

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19 thoughts on “How A Gratitude Journal Helps Me Manage My Hearing Loss

  1. Great idea, Shari…thanks for writing this.

    I also responded on Hearing Tracker..

    But, I’ll say it here also..

    IN addition to journaling, via writing..I’ve also created Google photo albums, for various events, with or without my family. Friends and family love to see the albums (A Picture really does say a thousand words). They often comment on how much fun is evidenced via those albums.
    They are conversation starters.

    I also write emails to my son and his children, telling them how much I love them…also, I send them articles and videos (like about the Giant pandas…a story I saw last Sunday, on 60 minutes)…which always spark conversation.

    Thanks, as always.

  2. I found early on in my hearing loss that keeping a journal of what works and what doesn’t has been a great way to explain to my Audi what I need in the way of my aids, and fitting. It has also helped in getting the extras that also aid me in hearing, like TV streaming and phone call streaming not only for my cell phone but also my home phone. My Audi believes that it has also been a big help to him and now ask all of his patients to keep the notes on what works and doesn’t.

  3. Shari,
    I’m grateful for you. Your blog has been very helpful for me as I too get frustrated and discouraged at the effort to communicate. I’ve leaned so much that is not generally available about how to manage a hearing loss. So please be grateful that you’ve been able to help so many.

  4. Never had a problem with my hearing loss. The benefits way out way downsides. I can turn the world down or off anytime I feel like it!

  5. There are many ways to view one’s world, especially with hearing loss. Using a gratitude journal is a great method to formulate a more positive attitude about life’s quirks. Thank you for reminding me about creating and holding a better outlook.

  6. I use a journal for both my hearing loss and vertigo. In the case of my vertigo the journal helps me to see what works and what doesn’t in trying to maintain my balance. Since few medical professionals understand dizziness, the journal has become my medical book.

    Our county library system offers free online classes. One class covers Journaling. It was a great help to describe the different types of Journals and how to write in one.

  7. Thank you Shari for suggesting gratitude journal. Recently learned I have moderate/severe hearing loss and have been wearing hearing aids for past 3 weeks. Am so grateful that today’s technology enables one to manage hearing loss challenges. Also grateful for your blog as a source for information and most importantly a sense of community.

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