Audiologists Can Inspire Self-Advocacy in Hearing Loss Patients

Hearing loss can be hard to accept at first, especially when it involves alerting others to your condition and advocating for your communication needs. You may not even know what assistance to request at first. Audiologists are critical partners in helping people with hearing loss develop the self-advocacy skills they need to make communication easier. Continue reading

It’s Official: OTC Hearing Aids are Here

It’s an exciting week for people with hearing loss. Over-the-counter hearing aids are now in stores—well, the first crop anyway. More options should hit stores over time, hopefully in a variety of designs, styles and with a multitude of features to meet the varying hearing needs of people with mild-to-moderate hearing loss. Just like with Continue reading

Join SoundPrint’s Find Your Quiet Place Challenge

As the weather turns cold, restaurant dining moves inside. And noise levels rise. Heat lamps for outdoor dining became more common in the pandemic, but the spaces are still pretty enclosed. It’s like eating inside, only outside bundled up in your winter coat! No matter where you eat, noise levels are high with reverberant spaces, Continue reading

When Hearing Loss Hurts

“Does your hearing loss hurt?” a curious friend once asked. I loved this question, because it showed that she cared, but also because the answer is complicated. While I don’t usually feel physical pain from my hearing loss, there are many examples of psychological and emotional suffering. Sometimes this pain comes from external catalysts like Continue reading

OTC Hearing Aids Could Have Saved Me Years of Struggle

The FDA has issued its final rule creating a new category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. This means millions of people with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss will soon benefit. As a person with hearing loss, I am very excited about the prospect for OTC hearing aids. And with the final rule now in place, Continue reading