Alerting Devices for People with Hearing Loss

The fire alarm goes off or the doorbell rings, but you cannot hear it. Maybe the baby is crying or the phone is ringing, but you cannot tell. For most people, an auditory alert is all that is needed for them to take action or seek safety based on the sound, but for people with Continue reading

How Do You Imagine the Future of Hearing Health Care?

How do you see the future of hearing health care? This is a difficult question, but one that Ida Institute is tackling in its Future Hearing Journeys project. In December, Ida organized two online innovation workshops with stakeholders from around the world to examine the trends that will affect hearing health care. I was pleased Continue reading

Could A Number Help You Describe Your Hearing Loss?

I like the idea of creating a more objective way to describe hearing loss that is easy to understand and to communicate to others, similar to the 20/20 metric used in vision. But hearing is more complicated than vision, which may make this method overly simplistic. In my latest article for Hearing Tracker, I discuss Continue reading

Is Your Audiologist Including YOU in Your Care?

My first task as Editor of FindHearing on HHTM is a series of posts describing why people with hearing loss should care about person-centered care and what they should look for when seeking an audiologist who practices this form of high-quality care. Today’s post asks: Is Your Audiologist Including YOU in Your Care? The answer Continue reading

What if You Could Lease Your Hearing Aids Instead?

What would it be like to lease hearing aids, instead of buying them? Topping up at $6000 a pair, hearing aids are often the third largest purchase a person with hearing loss makes in their lifetime, after only a house and a car. In the case of a car or a house, rental options are Continue reading