OTC Hearing Aids Could Have Saved Me Years of Struggle

The FDA has issued its final rule creating a new category of over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. This means millions of people with perceived mild to moderate hearing loss will soon benefit. As a person with hearing loss, I am very excited about the prospect for OTC hearing aids. And with the final rule now in place, Continue reading

The Best and Worst Sounds of Summer

Aaahh! Those joyous days of summer. Kids are out of school. Work deadlines seem fewer and farther between. Vacations are longer. And the weather is warm. All things to savor as summer’s final days approach. As I write this from the screened-in-porch of my home in upstate New York, I grow wistful, remembering the many Continue reading

Parenting a Child with Hearing Loss: An Advocacy Story

Sometimes a mother can be your biggest advocate. That is the case for Heather Thomson, who unexpectedly found herself as the mother of a young son with hearing loss. Heather Thomson wears many hats, mother of two, wife, inventor, designer, entrepreneur, podcaster, philanthropist, performer, speaker, athlete, licensed health and wellness coach. For many, she is Continue reading

Would a Different Look for Hearing Aids Boost Usage?

Why does hearing loss stigma linger while other cultural stigmas successfully fade away? Is it because hearing aids are not like glasses and don’t fix our hearing loss entirely? Is it because hearing loss is invisible so it doesn’t get taken as seriously? Or maybe it is the hearing aids themselves? In this article for HHTM, Continue reading

‘Hear & Beyond’ Launches in One Month!

LET’S CELEBRATE ONE MONTH UNTIL THE LAUNCH OF HEAR & BEYOND! As many readers know, Gael Hannan and I have been working on a book about hearing loss. It’s been a two-year labor of love, and we are now almost at the finish line! Hear & Beyond: Live Skillfully with Hearing Loss will launch in Continue reading