Which Hearing Aid is the Best?

When I mention my hearing loss to others, they often reply with an admission of their own hearing difficulties or tell me about a parent, friend or sibling with a hearing loss. And once they do, their first question is usually, “Which hearing aid is the best?” As a long-time hearing aid wearer, I know Continue reading

Take Our Hearing Loss Access Survey

My recent experiences with assistive technology at the movies and the theater have been disappointing. Unfortunately, I am not alone. Assistive technologies for people with hearing loss are often unavailable, and even when they are, many times they do not work as they should. Improvements are needed, but without data, venues are often resistant to Continue reading

When Hearing Accessibility Fails

“Let me see your ticket,” the usher demanded at a popular Broadway theater. We (my husband and I and our two friends) were waiting in line so I could pick up an assistive listening device for the show. “This device won’t work at your seat. You’d be better off using your hearing aids” the cranky Continue reading

Do You Know Your Hearing Number?

With the launch of OTC hearing aids, one of the biggest questions asked is “How do I know what type of hearing loss I have?” The Johns Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health thinks they have an answer in their Know Your Hearing Number public health campaign. The creators hope their campaign will Continue reading

OTC Hearing Aids: A Recipe for Success

The market for over-the-counter (OTC) hearing devices is new and rapidly changing. Sadly, few of today’s current offerings hit the sweet-spot of features, form factor and price to appeal to a mild-to-moderate hearing loss consumer. Still, I remain optimistic that manufacturers will rise to the challenge of this new market, bringing better hearing at a Continue reading