I Inherited My Hearing Loss Stigma from My Father

What causes hearing loss stigma? Does it come from within — our own insecurities about whether we are now as whole as we once were before we lost our hearing? Or from external factors like societal pressures that demand perfection and youth. For me, it started in my childhood, watching my father struggle with his Continue reading

Hey Zoom! Where is Universal Live Transcript?

I recently attended a Zoom webinar hosted by my daughter’s school. I was excited because accommodations were prominently featured on the invite. “If you would like to request accommodation for this meeting, please email such and such.” So I did. Within a day, someone from the planning office reached out to find out what I Continue reading

More Open Captioned Movie Theater Showings Please!

Have you had the chance to watch We Hear You, our documentary about hearing loss? If so, you probably noticed the open captions burned directly into the film to help people with hearing loss (and others) follow the dialogue easily. Our film is about hearing loss, so open captions are the obvious choice. CODA, the Continue reading

Why Don’t Physicians Screen for Hearing Loss?

Unfortunately, hearing loss is not always taken seriously — even by the medical community. How many times has your primary care doctor asked you about your hearing loss or screened your family and friends for hearing loss? The answer for me is zero. This should not be the case. In my recent article for Hearing Continue reading

How to Rebuild Your Hearing Loss Party Skills

As the world emerges from its pandemic bubble, we must all learn to socialize again. For people with hearing loss, this means learning to ‘hear’ again in difficult listening situations like cocktail parts and other groups events. In this article for HHTM, I share my tips for rebuilding your hearing loss party skills post-pandemic. An excerpt Continue reading