When Hearing Loss Hurts

“Does your hearing loss hurt?” a curious friend once asked. I loved this question, because it showed that she cared, but also because the answer is complicated. While I don’t usually feel physical pain from my hearing loss, there are many examples of psychological and emotional suffering. Sometimes this pain comes from external catalysts like Continue reading

“We Hear You” & Google Celebrate Disability Pride

July is Disability Pride Month and “We Hear You” was happy to celebrate. Thank you to Google Accessibility, Google’s Disability Alliance and Dimitri Kanevsky for inviting us to screen “We Hear You” at Google and for hosting a post-viewing discussion. It was a terrific conversation that raised awareness about the needs of people with hearing Continue reading

Disclosing Your Hearing Loss At Work in Three Simple Steps

Managing hearing loss in the workplace is not always easy. It takes confidence, which can be elusive for many people, especially in the early days of hearing loss. It certainly was for me. At HLAA’s Convention 2022, I spoke on a panel entitled: Hearing Loss, Workplace Inclusion and Career Success. There are many topics related Continue reading

Advanced Speech-to-Text Technology Could Give Voice to Many

The lights dimmed and Dimitri Kanevsky took the stage at HLAA’s Convention 2022. He was there to accept the HLAA Innovation award on Google’s behalf. There was momentary confusion in the audience as the CART captioning disappeared. But it was quickly replaced by a screen share of the small phone in Dimitri’s hand. Dimitri, who has heavily Continue reading

Would You Like a Side of Braille with Your Hearing Loss?

I’d heard the stories, but on my most recent cross-country flight, it happened to me. A flight attendant offered me braille to help with my hearing loss! I almost couldn’t believe it. In this post-pandemic world with frequent news stories explaining the challenges of masked communication for people with hearing loss, was the airline’s training Continue reading