How to Rebuild Your Hearing Loss Party Skills

As the world emerges from its pandemic bubble, we must all learn to socialize again. For people with hearing loss, this means learning to ‘hear’ again in difficult listening situations like cocktail parts and other groups events. In this article for HHTM, I share my tips for rebuilding your hearing loss party skills post-pandemic. An excerpt Continue reading

CODA Movie Provides Interesting Take on the Deaf Experience

I find most movies about hearing loss and deafness disappointing—Sound of Metal is a perfect example—because they contain inaccuracies or they portray the Deaf experience as representative of all people with hearing loss. Our documentary We Hear You tries to offset this trend by focusing specifically on the hearing loss experience. But CODA, the new Continue reading

When Using A Microphone Made All The Difference for My Hearing Loss

Do you wish a microphone was used at all meetings and events that you attend? I certainly do. My article for FindHearing on HHTM discusses how important microphones are for creating an inclusive environment and what we, as people with hearing loss, can do to help promote microphone usage. See an excerpt from the piece Continue reading

‘We Hear You’ Wins Best Film on Disability

Our hearing loss documentary We Hear You goes mainstream, with a win for Best Film on Disability in the June 2021 awards at the Cannes World Film Festival! As a monthly Winner, We Hear You is automatically entered in the Annual Competition for a chance to become a Grand Winner and be screened in Cannes Continue reading

My Latest Hearing Loss Drop Left Me Gutted

All the signs were there. Television dialogue was fuzzy and unclear. My family seemed to be mumbling more than usual so conversation took more work. My tinnitus had revved back up. I reached the end of each day tired and mentally spent. I should have been prepared. But when the audiologist told me that my Continue reading