Refuting Common Hearing Loss Myths

Do all people with hearing loss know sign language? Are they all senior citizens? Can people with hearing loss safely drive a car? Enjoy a movie or the theater? Speak “normally?” Hear perfectly with hearing aids? Despite how common hearing loss is—over 1.5 billion people globally live with hearing loss according to the WHO—many aspects Continue reading

Zoom Continues to Miss the Boat on True Accessibility

“Please enable the audio so I can participate in your Zoom meeting,” said no one ever. So, why is advance notice still needed to enable captioning? Zoom made its high-quality ASR captions available FREE for all accounts in the Fall, but in a practical sense, its platform remains inaccessible for people with hearing loss. I Continue reading

Living With Hearing Loss Joins the World Hearing Forum

Living with Hearing Loss is proud to join the World Hearing Forum (WHF), a global network of stakeholders promoting ear and hearing care worldwide. WHF is hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO). No one with hearing loss should be without information and assistance. WHF’s goals include (1) raising awareness about the need for healthy Continue reading

When will Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Embrace Disability?

It is wonderful to see companies, non-profits and government agencies placing greater emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). But when will this focus include disability? Today, it often seems like an afterthought. Where Are the Captions? “Can you please enable the captions?” I asked the leaders of a recent DEI training session I attended. Continue reading