Find Your Quiet Place Challenge 2023

It’s that time of year again—SoundPrint’s Find Your Quiet Place (FYQP) Challenge! Each October SoundPrint sponsors the FYQP Challenge to raise awareness about how loud restaurants and other gathering places have become and to encourage users to collect sound level data using the SoundPrint App. SoundPrint uses the sound measurements from the Challenge to advocate Continue reading

Take Our Hearing Loss Access Survey

My recent experiences with assistive technology at the movies and the theater have been disappointing. Unfortunately, I am not alone. Assistive technologies for people with hearing loss are often unavailable, and even when they are, many times they do not work as they should. Improvements are needed, but without data, venues are often resistant to Continue reading

Greater Awareness Creates Better Access

My yoga practice often translates directly to my life with hearing loss—especially when it is challenging. In a recent yoga class, as the teacher provided different modification options for a difficult pose she said, “When you have greater awareness, you have more options.” And something clicked. Whether it is yoga or hearing loss (or anything Continue reading

Why is Hearing Loss Access so Hard?

Have you seen the Barbie movie yet? I went with some friends last week, and while we loved the movie, we missed a number of the jokes. Sadly, both of the theater’s closed captioning devices failed in the middle of the show. One of them died almost immediately so a friend who had already seen Continue reading

New Prime Video Tool for Hard-to-Hear Movie Dialogue

Do you love action movies but find it hard to follow the dialogue because of all the background noise? My solution is usually a combination of captions and noise-cancelling headphones. The noise-cancelling headphones block the gunfire and car chases while the captions provide the dialogue. I even do this at at movie theaters, despite the Continue reading