Tinnitus: When Unwanted Sound Breaks the Silence

Advertisements My tinnitus flares up in the winter. Every year. It is sometimes accompanied by dizziness or vertigo and a cloudy feeling in my brain. It can be hard to concentrate and to focus on the task at hand. I lose my balance during my yoga practice, especially in the backbends. I just want silence, Continue reading

Sound of Metal Movie Ignores the Typical Hearing Loss Experience

Advertisements Whenever a mainstream movie or television show features hearing loss — I get excited. I hope it will raise awareness about the challenges of hearing loss without inducing pity. That it will break down stigmas and generate empathy. I search each moment for a slice of my own life that might help my family Continue reading

An Interesting Wearable Speaker for People with Hearing Loss

Advertisements Video calls for people with hearing loss can be exhausting, especially since Zoom, the most popular service, has yet to provide free ASR captions for people with hearing loss. But, I may have found an interesting device that can help people with hearing loss, not only with endless video calls, but also for watching Continue reading

With Hearing Loss, We Must Remember to “Use Our Words”

Advertisements My family and I have done a lot of hiking during the pandemic. Hiking is a wonderful family activity with many health benefits, but it can sometimes be frustrating for people with hearing loss — especially if we want to walk and chat at the same time. My family usually lines up tallest to Continue reading

Five Things Covid-19 Taught Me about Hearing Loss

Advertisements As a hearing loss advocate — and a person who has lived with hearing loss for more than half her life — I pride myself on knowing a lot about hearing loss. Over the years, I have become skilled at self-identifying, using assistive listening technologies, adjusting the environment for better hearing, and asking others Continue reading