CODA Movie Provides Interesting Take on the Deaf Experience

I find most movies about hearing loss and deafness disappointing—Sound of Metal is a perfect example—because they contain inaccuracies or they portray the Deaf experience as representative of all people with hearing loss. Our documentary We Hear You tries to offset this trend by focusing specifically on the hearing loss experience. But CODA, the new Continue reading

Interesting Hearing Loss Reads: The Invention of Miracles by Katie Booth

I love reading books about hearing loss. Some share tips and tricks for living better with hearing loss. Others detail personal journeys, yet each one provides a new perspective on the incredibly complex and multifaceted experience of living with hearing loss. The Invention of Miracles by Katie Booth, is no exception. The book tells the Continue reading

Breaking Down Stigma: The Incredible Hulk Gets A Cochlear Implant

Each time someone in the public eye comes forward about their hearing loss, stigma withers away. The latest celebrity to do so is Lou Ferrigno, best known for his depiction of The Incredible Hulk in the 1970s and 80s. He recently received a cochlear implant, and he wants everyone to know about it. I had Continue reading

Ways to Make Your Media Content Hearing Loss Friendly

Rule #1: If you are creating content about hearing loss, make sure it is accessible to the audience you are targeting. Or better yet — make all your content accessible for everyone, hearing loss or not. My recent post for HHTM discusses simple ways to make your media content hearing-loss-friendly.  An excerpt from the article Continue reading

Hearing Loss Representation Matters: Thank You Abigail Heringer

Having hearing loss can sometimes feel like you are stuck between two worlds — the hearing world and the Deaf community — not fully fitting into either. Abigail Heringer, a cochlear-implant-wearing cast member on the 2021 season of The Bachelor summed it up well: “I think people view the hearing community and the Deaf community Continue reading