If I Were the Minister of Hearing Health

I am a huge Harry Potter fan so when someone recently asked me “What would you do if you were the Minister of Hearing Health,” my head immediately filled with images of wands and other wizardly gear. Could I simply flick my wand and make hearing loss disappear I wondered? OK. Back to reality. If Continue reading

Join SoundPrint’s Find Your Quiet Place Challenge

As the weather turns cold, restaurant dining moves inside. And noise levels rise. Heat lamps for outdoor dining became more common in the pandemic, but the spaces are still pretty enclosed. It’s like eating inside, only outside bundled up in your winter coat! No matter where you eat, noise levels are high with reverberant spaces, Continue reading

Advanced Speech-to-Text Technology Could Give Voice to Many

The lights dimmed and Dimitri Kanevsky took the stage at HLAA’s Convention 2022. He was there to accept the HLAA Innovation award on Google’s behalf. There was momentary confusion in the audience as the CART captioning disappeared. But it was quickly replaced by a screen share of the small phone in Dimitri’s hand. Dimitri, who has heavily Continue reading

My Kids Aren’t CODAs, They’re COHLAs

Until recently, most people probably thought a CODA was the concluding passage in a musical score. But since CODA‘s three wins at the Oscars, Child of Deaf Adult has become part of the mainstream lexicon—an exciting boost of awareness for the Deaf community. But when discussing the film with my children, they were confused. “We’re Continue reading

Refuting Common Hearing Loss Myths

Do all people with hearing loss know sign language? Are they all senior citizens? Can people with hearing loss safely drive a car? Enjoy a movie or the theater? Speak “normally?” Hear perfectly with hearing aids? Despite how common hearing loss is—over 1.5 billion people globally live with hearing loss according to the WHO—many aspects Continue reading