An Inexpensive Solution to Live Transcribe’s Android Only Problem

My recent post The Next Best Thing in Speech to Text Apps generated much discussion. Many people were excited by Google’s Live Transcribe technology — the accuracy and speed of the captioning is notable — but the fact that it is only available on Android devices was a source of frustration. One highly motivated individual in Continue reading

The Next Best Thing in Speech to Text Apps

I love captions and look for them everywhere I go — even when they are not there. Last week at my daughter’s high school play, my eyes would involuntarily slide to the side looking for the caption screen anytime I missed some of the dialogue. The play was not captioned, but my reflex to look Continue reading

What If Your Reading Glasses Also Provided Captions?

Sitting in the dimly lit restaurant, I struggled to read the menu. Lucky for me, I keep readers in my purse, which I quickly pulled out and the problem was solved. But when the waiter came to tell us about the specials, I had trouble hearing him, even though I was wearing my hearing aids Continue reading

Hearing Loss: Where Are The Captions?

We walked into the large auditorium and took our seats — positioning ourselves so I would have a good view of the podium in case I needed to lip read the speaker. As the program began, my eyes instinctively looked around for the captions. But there weren’t any. There were four large screens, all projecting Continue reading