Have You Tried Apple’s Live Captions?

For years I carried a spare Android phone in my purse so I could access its excellent auto-caption capability—at first via an app called Live Transcribe but later it was incorporated into the operating system. I always wondered when Apple would catch up, and it finally has, recently launching Live Captions (Beta) in iOS 16. Continue reading

If Everyone Loves Captions, Why Are They So Misunderstood?

Research continues to show how much the general population loves captions. So why are they still so misunderstood—confused with a recording device at a recent Broadway show and mocked by television presenters when used for an interview. Perhaps it is partially due to the age of the beholder. A new study by language learning app Continue reading

Zoom Baby-Steps Toward Better Access for People with Hearing Loss

A few minutes had passed in a recent Zoom call with a hearing loss friend when I jumped. Do you need the captions? I’m sorry I forgot to put them on. No worries. I already turned them on myself. Well, this is new. Auto-Captions Can Be Self-Enabled in the Meeting… Until now, when someone in Continue reading

When Hearing Technology Is Only Half the Battle

Hearing technology can be life changing for people with hearing loss. But in order for it to have the greatest impact, it must not only be easy to use, it must be easy to integrate into a variety of technology set-ups. In this article for HHTM, I share the frustration of trying to get a Continue reading