Our Top 10 Hearing Loss Blog Posts of 2020

Advertisements Happy 2021 and good riddance 2020! It is no surprise that many of our most popular blog posts this year were related in some way to Covid-19. Whether it was mask wearing or the move to video conference calls, people with hearing loss faced new challenges with grit and resilience. We came together to Continue reading

Hearing Loss in the Workplace: How to Handle A Virtual Meeting

Advertisements What better way to celebrate National Deaf Awareness month than by speaking about hearing loss in the workplace. Holly Cohen and I were pleased to share our workshop Hearing Loss in the Workplace: Strategies for Success at a large financial institution. While many elements of managing hearing loss in the workplace have remained the Continue reading

Hearing Loss Can Be a Disaster at the Doctor

Advertisements Heading to the doctor during the pandemic can be challenging, especially for people with hearing loss. My family and I have been putting off most of our routine doctor appointments due to the pandemic, but with the low infection rates in New York City recently, we decided to give a previously scheduled visit a Continue reading

Five Things Covid-19 Taught Me about Hearing Loss

Advertisements As a hearing loss advocate — and a person who has lived with hearing loss for more than half her life — I pride myself on knowing a lot about hearing loss. Over the years, I have become skilled at self-identifying, using assistive listening technologies, adjusting the environment for better hearing, and asking others Continue reading

Is the Pandemic Hurting My Child’s Hearing?

Advertisements Parenting with hearing loss is not easy. Every time I walk into my children’s rooms these days, they have earbuds in their ears. This may be typical for many teenagers, but not for mine. Pre-pandemic, I never let them use earbuds because of my genetic hearing loss. It started in my mid-20s and I Continue reading