I’m Writing A Book about Hearing Loss—and Beyond

I have always wanted to write a book. So when one of my favorite hearing loss advocates, Gael Hannan, contacted me during the pandemic to see if I would be interested in co-authoring a book with her, I jumped at the chance. After numerous outlines, and first drafts, and rewrites, and early readers, and more Continue reading

Interesting Hearing Loss Reads: The Invention of Miracles by Katie Booth

I love reading books about hearing loss. Some share tips and tricks for living better with hearing loss. Others detail personal journeys, yet each one provides a new perspective on the incredibly complex and multifaceted experience of living with hearing loss. The Invention of Miracles by Katie Booth, is no exception. The book tells the Continue reading

Interesting Reads: Ephphatha By Dr. Thomas Caulfield

I enjoy reading inspiring stories about people with hearing loss, especially tales like the one in Ephphatha, a new book by Dr. Thomas Caulfield. The book shares the courageous journey of his son Christopher, born profoundly deaf, and his struggles to combat and overcome this disability through much of his young life. There were many Continue reading

Interesting Reads: My New E-Book Shares The Hearing Loss Patient’s Perspective

I am excited to announce the publication of my first e-book — “A Primer on Person-Centered Care From the Patient’s Perspective!” In it I share the fits and starts of the early days of my hearing loss journey and how person-centered care could have made my transition from hearing to hearing loss much easier. The Continue reading

Interesting Reads: Smart Hearing by Katherine Bouton

Katherine Bouton’s latest book, Smart Hearing — Strategies, Skills and Resources for Living Better with Hearing Loss, is just that — an excellent guide to living a better life with hearing loss. Using personal anecdotes and containing extensive research on assistive listening devices, the book provides a road map for people at all stages of their hearing loss journey. Continue reading