If I Were the Minister of Hearing Health

I am a huge Harry Potter fan so when someone recently asked me “What would you do if you were the Minister of Hearing Health,” my head immediately filled with images of wands and other wizardly gear. Could I simply flick my wand and make hearing loss disappear I wondered? OK. Back to reality. If Continue reading

Join SoundPrint’s Find Your Quiet Place Challenge

As the weather turns cold, restaurant dining moves inside. And noise levels rise. Heat lamps for outdoor dining became more common in the pandemic, but the spaces are still pretty enclosed. It’s like eating inside, only outside bundled up in your winter coat! No matter where you eat, noise levels are high with reverberant spaces, Continue reading

Living With Hearing Loss Joins the World Hearing Forum

Living with Hearing Loss is proud to join the World Hearing Forum (WHF), a global network of stakeholders promoting ear and hearing care worldwide. WHF is hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO). No one with hearing loss should be without information and assistance. WHF’s goals include (1) raising awareness about the need for healthy Continue reading

Is This Medication Safe for My Hearing Loss?

The inner ear is a sensitive place, and little is known about the causes of hearing loss, balance problems, vertigo, and tinnitus, even among the medical profession. In this piece for HHTM, I discuss the challenges I faced trying to determine if a new medication would be harmful to my hearing. More research is needed Continue reading

Most Restaurants Are Too Loud for Conversation

Living with Hearing Loss was proud to partner with SoundPrint in its first annual Find Your Quiet Place Challenge. The campaign inspired participants globally to measure and submit sound level data in their local communities to raise awareness about hearing health and help make the world a quieter place.  The results of the challenge are Continue reading