Can Meditation Help With Tinnitus?

In honor of Tinnitus Week, I have reworked an old post describing how I first discovered meditation and its healing properties for my tinnitus. Many years later, I still find meditation an incredibly useful tool for managing not only tinnitus, but also the frustration of hearing loss. I hope you enjoy the post and that Continue reading

My Relationship with Sound? It’s Complicated

For people with hearing loss, sound can be a mixed bag. Sometimes things are too quiet—a whisper in our less than stellar ear or a mumbling presenter who refuses to use the microphone. And sometimes they are too loud, like the clacking of cutlery in a crowded restaurant that blocks out your companion’s voice. Other Continue reading

How Providers Can Help Us Manage Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a common condition for people with hearing loss that can be just as or even more bothersome at times. We need our providers’ help in sifting through the fads and scams that abound on the Internet so we can find the tools that really help. In my recent article for Ida Institute, I discuss Continue reading

Do You Get the Seasonal Spins (Vertigo)?

Rising out of my backbend in yoga class, the world shifted, leaving my mind and body reeling from the dizziness. Luckily my knees were planted firmly on the ground so I did not topple over, but it was disorienting and very unpleasant. As I turned around to lie down in shavasana, I knew it was Continue reading

Cognitive Behavior Therapy May Help with Tinnitus

The sound stayed with me, even after I turned off the hand-held massage gun I was using to ease the pain in my neck. I could almost feel my ears vibrating still, or maybe it was just the excruciating buzz of my tinnitus. The massage gun was a new purchase, promising powerful relief for sore Continue reading