Hearing Loss & Beyond — A New Captioning Tool in Chrome

Like everyone else, I have spent a lot of time on the Internet during the pandemic. Whether it’s researching blog posts, streaming YouTube videos or visiting social media sites, I am often frustrated, because the audio and video content I find does not have captions. Because of my hearing loss, this makes it hard for Continue reading

Zoom Makes ASR Captioning Free for People with Hearing Loss

Success! Zoom has heard our community’s voice! Zoom just announced it will provide its high-quality ASR captions (Live Transcript) FREE for people with hearing loss, as well as other groups who require this feature for accessibility reasons. Click here to request access. This feature will be rolled out to all free accounts by Fall 2021. Continue reading

What Margaret Thatcher Taught Me about Communicating Well with Hearing Loss

Do you watch The Crown, Netflix’s show about the British monarchy? I watch each season with my daughter and the latest was no exception. We enjoy the pageantry and the intrigue, but this time, we also learned something — a better way to communicate with hearing loss. Season 4 of The Crown was set during Continue reading

All I Want for Christmas is Zoom (with free captions)

I am proud to continue my advocacy for free ASR captions for people with hearing loss on Zoom. On December 17, 2020, The Washington Post published my oped People with hearing loss shouldn’t have to pay Zoom for captions. Please comment and share to build awareness. When sharing on social media, use the hashtag #CaptionsNow Continue reading

An Interesting Wearable Speaker for People with Hearing Loss

Video calls for people with hearing loss can be exhausting, especially since Zoom, the most popular service, has yet to provide free ASR captions for people with hearing loss. But, I may have found an interesting device that can help people with hearing loss, not only with endless video calls, but also for watching TV Continue reading