Why Is It Still OK To Make Fun of Hearing Loss?

“Do you mind if I switch seats with you? I have a hearing loss and it would help if I had a better view of the speaker,” I asked a well-dressed man at a recent lunch meeting. “What?” he replied with a smirk, not because he didn’t hear me, but because he was making a Continue reading

What Would You Do If You Couldn’t Hear Your Children?

My children are not allowed to listen to music on their iPods like all their friends. They can’t turn their backs to me when they talk. They must keep their mouths free and clear of debris and food or I won’t understand what they are saying. And they definitely can’t bellow “Mom!” from another room Continue reading

How Delta Air Lines Made Traveling Better For This Person With Hearing Loss

I’ve been doing a lot of traveling lately, which I very much enjoy, but with hearing loss, the logistics can be challenging. From gates changes at the airport, through the complexity of the boarding process and the various security announcements on the plane, there is a lot of important information being shared — and in Continue reading

Five Tips For Dating With Hearing Loss

Dating can be tough under any circumstances – what to wear, where to go, wondering if there will be a second date. Especially in today’s world of online dating where profile pictures are everything and computer algorithms are doing much of the matching. What if you have a hearing loss? That can make things even Continue reading