Hearing Loss: Someone Please Turn Down the Cicadas

Sometimes a setting is optimal for conversation—like a quiet summer night—until something changes—like cicadas! As people with hearing loss, we must be willing to adapt—and ask other people to make adjustments too. My latest article for HHTM discusses the steps we can take to keep the conversation flowing, even in a tough listening environment.  See Continue reading

Take Care of Your Lips! They Help Me Hear

I am always staring at people’s lips. Because that’s where I get much of the speechreading information I use to help me hear. Big lips, small lips, red lips, blue lips — it is all the same to me. I just want clear access. No covering your mouth with your hand, no facial hair (well, Continue reading

Have Your Hearing Loss Communication Skills Been Hibernating During the Pandemic?

“One hood or two today?” my doorman asked me as I crossed the lobby each morning on my way to yoga class pre-COVID. Chit chat about the weather ensued. Whether I was wearing one or two hoods (one from my hoodie and one from my coat) depended mostly on the forecast for the day. These Continue reading

What Margaret Thatcher Taught Me about Communicating Well with Hearing Loss

Do you watch The Crown, Netflix’s show about the British monarchy? I watch each season with my daughter and the latest was no exception. We enjoy the pageantry and the intrigue, but this time, we also learned something — a better way to communicate with hearing loss. Season 4 of The Crown was set during Continue reading

Five Things Covid-19 Taught Me about Hearing Loss

As a hearing loss advocate — and a person who has lived with hearing loss for more than half her life — I pride myself on knowing a lot about hearing loss. Over the years, I have become skilled at self-identifying, using assistive listening technologies, adjusting the environment for better hearing, and asking others to Continue reading