Hearing Loss—Talk Siri to Me

Siri doesn’t always understand us. Hey Siri, what’s the latest weather forecast? I didn’t get that. So we repeat it. Hey Siri, what’s the latest weather forecast? But this time we face the phone, position our mouth close to the microphone and ask the question in a loud and clear voice, enunciating each syllable of Continue reading

Disclosing Your Hearing Loss At Work in Three Simple Steps

Managing hearing loss in the workplace is not always easy. It takes confidence, which can be elusive for many people, especially in the early days of hearing loss. It certainly was for me. At HLAA’s Convention 2022, I spoke on a panel entitled: Hearing Loss, Workplace Inclusion and Career Success. There are many topics related Continue reading

Zoom Continues to Miss the Boat on True Accessibility

“Please enable the audio so I can participate in your Zoom meeting,” said no one ever. So, why is advance notice still needed to enable captioning? Zoom made its high-quality ASR captions available FREE for all accounts in the Fall, but in a practical sense, its platform remains inaccessible for people with hearing loss. I Continue reading

When Using A Microphone Made All The Difference for My Hearing Loss

Do you wish a microphone was used at all meetings and events that you attend? I certainly do. My article for FindHearing on HHTM discusses how important microphones are for creating an inclusive environment and what we, as people with hearing loss, can do to help promote microphone usage. See an excerpt from the piece Continue reading

How to Combat Resistance to Your Hearing Loss Self-Advocacy

Sometimes hearing loss can feel like a no-win situation. If you don’t self-advocate, you will be left out of the conversation. But when you do, your self-advocacy behaviors are met with resistance, or worse — contempt. My recent post for HHTM discusses ways to overcome resistance to our advocacy efforts.  An excerpt from the article Continue reading