When Hearing Accessibility Fails

“Let me see your ticket,” the usher demanded at a popular Broadway theater. We (my husband and I and our two friends) were waiting in line so I could pick up an assistive listening device for the show. “This device won’t work at your seat. You’d be better off using your hearing aids” the cranky Continue reading

No Captions at a Conference? Try PowerPoint!

What do you do when you are at a conference and captions are not provided? First, you probably get angry or frustrated, especially if you tried to arrange accommodations in advance. There is no excuse for a conference to not be accessible, but sadly it still regularly happens. I experienced this myself recently, but rather Continue reading

What is it Like to Have Hearing Loss?

I get asked this question all the time! And it is a difficult one to answer. When you have hearing loss, it impacts everything in your life. Yet, others may become aware of it before you do. I first noticed I was have trouble hearing in my mid-20s at business school. If it were not Continue reading

Is there a New Standard for Accessible Theater?

Theater is one of my passions, and despite my hearing loss, (and because I live in New York City) I manage to see a lot of it. Captions are a big help! Special open captioned (OC) performances through Theatre Development Fund (TDF)—where the captions are displayed on a screen to one side of the stage—are Continue reading

Do You Know Your Hearing Number?

With the launch of OTC hearing aids, one of the biggest questions asked is “How do I know what type of hearing loss I have?” The Johns Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health thinks they have an answer in their Know Your Hearing Number public health campaign. The creators hope their campaign will Continue reading