What if You Could Lease Your Hearing Aids Instead?

What would it be like to lease hearing aids, instead of buying them? Topping up at $6000 a pair, hearing aids are often the third largest purchase a person with hearing loss makes in their lifetime, after only a house and a car. In the case of a car or a house, rental options are Continue reading

Tips For Enjoying New Music with Hearing Loss

Music and hearing loss are sometimes a difficult combination. Depending on the severity and frequencies of the loss, music can sound distorted or have gaps in the sound. It can be tinny or thin as notes are digitally compressed by our hearing devices. My favorite songs tend to be the ones I knew and loved Continue reading

Social Isolation and Hearing Loss — How You Can Help

Social isolation and hearing loss often go hand in hand. Conversation takes effort, so sometimes we avoid it. Communication best practices are often overlooked, even by those closest to us. Accessibility options in public spaces are often limited. The good news is that there are many simple ways to help combat this issue. Read on Continue reading

Outdated Hearing Aid Images Promote Hearing Loss Stigma

Do you think media images of outdated hearing aids are helping to perpetuate the negative stigma surrounding hearing loss? When AARP faced a similar issue with photos of seniors, they partnered with Getty Images to change it. In my latest article for FindHearing, I discuss how more modern images could help break down hearing loss Continue reading

Hearing Loss Self-Advocacy Needed During Covid-19

Do you sometimes feel like hearing loss is just one self-advocacy moment after the next? I certainly do. In my latest article for FindHearing.com, I discuss why self-advocacy is so important for people with hearing loss, especially during the time of Covid-19. My hope is that our advocacy efforts during this difficult time will create Continue reading