Alerting Devices for People with Hearing Loss

The fire alarm goes off or the doorbell rings, but you cannot hear it. Maybe the baby is crying or the phone is ringing, but you cannot tell. For most people, an auditory alert is all that is needed for them to take action or seek safety based on the sound, but for people with Continue reading

An Interesting Wearable Speaker for People with Hearing Loss

Video calls for people with hearing loss can be exhausting, especially since Zoom, the most popular service, has yet to provide free ASR captions for people with hearing loss. But, I may have found an interesting device that can help people with hearing loss, not only with endless video calls, but also for watching TV Continue reading

Having a Happy Virtual Holiday Season — Hearing Loss Style

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays — yummy food and the warmth of family coming together — but it can also be a challenging one for people with hearing loss. We worry if we will we be able to participate in the overlapping conversations. Or if people will speak with their mouths full making Continue reading

With Hearing Loss, We Must Remember to “Use Our Words”

My family and I have done a lot of hiking during the pandemic. Hiking is a wonderful family activity with many health benefits, but it can sometimes be frustrating for people with hearing loss — especially if we want to walk and chat at the same time. My family usually lines up tallest to shortest Continue reading

Tips For Enjoying New Music with Hearing Loss

Music and hearing loss are sometimes a difficult combination. Depending on the severity and frequencies of the loss, music can sound distorted or have gaps in the sound. It can be tinny or thin as notes are digitally compressed by our hearing devices. My favorite songs tend to be the ones I knew and loved Continue reading