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Do You Know Your Hearing Number?

With the launch of OTC hearing aids, one of the biggest questions asked is “How do I know what type of hearing loss I have?” The Johns Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health thinks they have an answer in their Know Your Hearing Number public health campaign. The creators hope their campaign will Continue reading

Taking Hearing Loss Awareness on the Road

At their best, college campuses are a nexus of learning, challenge, and discussion. And a perfect place to share a hearing loss awareness and advocacy message! Thank you to Long Island AUD Consortium, Iona University, and Connecticut College for inviting us to share our hearing loss documentary We Hear You on campus to raise awareness Continue reading

OTC Hearing Aids: A Recipe for Success

The market for over-the-counter (OTC) hearing devices is new and rapidly changing. Sadly, few of today’s current offerings hit the sweet-spot of features, form factor and price to appeal to a mild-to-moderate hearing loss consumer. Still, I remain optimistic that manufacturers will rise to the challenge of this new market, bringing better hearing at a Continue reading

Why Does FaceTime Caption Only One Side of the Call?

It’s wonderful that Apple’s latest iOS now includes built-in auto-captioning. It has been a long time coming, and more work is needed, but it is great to see accessibility for people with hearing loss finally taking center stage. One of my favorite ways to use this capability is on FaceTime. For most conversations, I use Continue reading

Are Restaurants Adapting to a Quieter World?

The results of SoundPrint’s second annual Find Your Quiet Place Challenge are in! The campaign inspired hundreds of participants and over 30 organizational partners (including Living with Hearing Loss) to measure sound levels in their local communities to raise awareness for hearing health and to help make the world a quieter place. During the month-long event, Continue reading